Gundam Versus Gets a First Look at its Game Modes


With Gundam Versus prepping for its North American and European launches on September 29th, Bandai Namco has given us our first look at the arcade-style fighting game, which will be releasing exclusively for the PlayStation 4.

Let alone has the game publisher given us a few looks at the game, they have no given us a look at the games various modes, which will feature a variety of different solo and multiplayer options for fans to enjoy. This will feature Trial Battles where players can undergo a series of missions as they battle against bosses in the games original story scenarios. In the games Ultimate Battle mode, players can take on the games equivalence of a Horde mode, and fight fight off waves after waves of enemy mechs until they die.

With the games first home coming release for Gundam outside of Japan since Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3, which released in 2010. The game will feature over 90 mobile suits for players to choose from across 17 different Gundam series. In the game up to six players can compete online to show who’s the best of the best. Additionally, players can combat eachother in two-on-two matches, one-on or three-on-three battles to show who is the best of the best.

Gundam Versus is set to release on the PlayStation 4 for $59.99 USD on September 29th. Stay tuned as we look to review the game.

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