Doomfist Punches His Way Onto Overwatch With an Amazing Short


If you’ve been rallying for Doomfist to join Overwatch, Blizzard has definitely heard your cries, and has definitely given you something to enjoy. Blizzard, as the company they are, has launched him onto the Overwatch PTR for those of you who are on PC. With having your PTR version updated, you have a chance to test out the character, his powers, and get an idea of what to expect from Doomfist when he launches on the live game.

For those looking to know more about Doomfist. He is an offensive hero. He will be joining the likes of Reaper, Genji, Tracer, and Agent 47 in dealing damage and pushing for objectives. Because Doomfist is cybernetically enhanced, you will get to see him use them to maintain his superiority against other heroes. His hand cannon will be his ranged weapon, to double up with this, he can slam his fist into the ground where he will rock the ground to knock enemies into the air. Along with both his fist and hand cannon; Doomfist also wields a Rocket Punch where he can dash in against enemies for some good ol’ fisticuffs.

To add injury to insult, Doomfists biggest attack, which is his ultimate, is called Meteor Strike. This ability allows him to leap out of view of characters before slamming down in a large area (lets just hope he targets the most enemies when doing this, in order to wipe them out in a devastating blow.

Want to try out Doomfist? You’ll need the PC version of Overwatch and you will need to follow Blizzard’s instructions to gain access.  You can also head over to Doomfist’s official hero page to learn more. You can also check the character trailer down below while waiting on your download to finish.

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