BioWare’s Anthem is Amazing Beautiful and Could Surpass Mass Effect in Scope

anthem_trailernce the teams conception, BioWare has been a company that has kept us on edge with their creativity and the sheer imaginative vision they have for the worlds they create. They are a company that isn’t shy about pushing the limits of what is possible whether it’s in story, graphics, or even interactivity. They’ve been a team that continues on with some of the best games to date ranging from Star Wars: Knights of the Old RepublicMass Effect, to even their medieval fantasy series Dragon Age.

Among their visions comes a new series, a new element that will push graphics, gameplay mechanics, and the hardware we know as well as love to game on. Their latest title is Anthem. A game that takes place in what seems to be a rather futuristic world much like Earth called Anthem. In their upcoming game, players will be playing a Freelancer, a gun for hire that uses power suits in order to enable their full potential in combat, exploration, and survivability.

Your Suit Load-outs Will Matter


In the world of Anthem players will be equipping suits known as a “Javelin”. Each suit serves their own purpose as BioWare demonstrated at E3 2017. Suits such as the ranger are quick, agile, and requires quick combat prowess out of gamers while suits such as the Colossus are heavy tank like suits. Ones that allow them to approach combat how they see fit.

While adventuring through this massive open world, you will be able to accustom your suit to match your combat preferences. Suits like the Colossus will be great for heavy weapons such as the mortar, rocket launchers, and presumably heavy guns such as a Gatling Gun. Suits themselves will also exhibit special capabilities such as rocket launchers, enemy tracking, and even massive rocket barrages for players to set up ambushes with.

The Open World is Massive and Has World Events


If there is anything you may find yourself growing interest with, it’s the fact that Anthem’s world is absolutely gigantic. It’s a world that presents itself as a living, breathing, and highly active environment ranging from the living creatures, storm fronts, and even world events such as Shapar Storms.

It’s a game that wants to push you to your limits of what you are capable of as you push through the open world. It’s a game that wants you to know that you will be fighting for survival. You are fighting to show just why you are the best of the best. While you may be indulged to run across the ground, there’s even exploration that will take you under water exploring cavern’s and cave systems. Something Mass Effect: Andromeda began to explore.

Check Out the Official Gameplay Reveal Down Below.

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