Yakuza 0 Releases a New Trailer Giving it a Solid ’80s Vibe


We all know the 1980s were kind a big deal. From colorful clothing, to crazy action films, and malls that bustled thanks to their Arcades. Yakuza 0 isn’t hy of following this as players once more reaquaint with Kazuma Kiryu and Goro Majima. With a lot of stake, it’s time to get away from the modern feel to go back for the classic “Gangster” tyle approach.

The latest trailer comes with flashing lights, neon signs, and even a plentiful amount of entertainment establishments in Japans redlight districts of Kamurocho and Sotenbori. It’s a perfect occasion to put on your best white suit, give it your best Saturday Night Fever appeal, and dance the night way. You’ll even be able to step into the best disco clubs within Japan while also jamming to some of Japan’s best 80s power ballads at the Heroine Karaoke Bar and you can also attend some sporting events by heading to a batting cage. If none of those are for you, you can visit the SEGA HI-TECH LAND arcade to land in on some etro games. There’ll be no shortage of alternative entertainment outlets in Yakuza 0, which will be appearing at the PlayStation Experience 2016.

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