Bethesda Zenimax’s E3 Announcements Could Be Huge – What We Expect May Be There

You probably already read our article about BE3 starting tomorrow for Bethesda Zenimax. You may also already know? They’ve released one of this years biggest titles already that has kept me reeling in demon’s for the slaughter and even has kept me busy from finishing my review for the multiplayer of DOOM. If that’s not enough? We also have been hammering out plenty of their possible titles that could be coming out and ones we know are. With the announcement they’ll be showcasing entirely new games this year, we’ve decided to take down a list of things we know will be there since they are about to release, and ones we expect could be the announced titles for this year. If it’s good to say anything now? We know id Software may have something to showcase pertaining to DOOM or an entirely new title all together.

So what games can we lean towards being there for sure? It wouldn’t be a surprise if we got to see a few announcements regarding content updates for both DOOM, Fallout 4 as well as The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited. Why? These games are the hot cookies for Bethesda Zenimax right now. However, all this can change when the announcements start rolling out tomorrow. So what exactly can we expect out of them outside of new content for the previously mentioned titles? Lets take a look at sequel possibilities first.

Prey 2


 Originally announced back in 2011, Prey 2 was slated as an ambitious futuristic title that would have sated the masses that wanted a new cyberpunk-esque title. Prey 2 would have taken us on the road as Killian Samuels, a U.S. Marshal who had started out on a passenger flight, which just suddenly happened to crash into the Sphere (recall the plane crash in Prey back on PC or 360? Direct reference). Ending with a short lived battle against a few aliens, which he lost by default, Samuels returns several years later as a bounty hunter on the alien world known as Exodus. Even though he has remained aware of his past, Samuels has also gained some new skills, and has also been thought to be the only human on Exodus until he runs into former protagonist Tommy Domasi. Unfortunately due to his memory loss, Samuels doesn’t remember Domasi at all, and resumes on his way.

With the title having gone through development for quite some time before being cancelled, it won’t be surprising to see if Bethesda Zenimax lets this title return to us in a new format, and hopefully an open world one utilizing the astonishing id Tech 6 engine we got to know with DOOM. With all the buzz circling the title? There’s a good chance we’ll hear something about it with E3 kicking off for Bethesda today.

Rage 2


While the series has been dead in the dark for quite sometime, Rage remains one of Bethesda Game Studio’s most beloved title to have come out of id Studio since DOOM 3 and the recently released DOOM (2016). Rage, for those unfamiliar with it, takes place on Earth after most of the world has been wiped out by an asteroid that just happened to target Earth head-on. With a few survivors in cryogenic stasis in special units, a few people managed to hide underground unscathed. While Life on the outside remained normal for most survivors, some have turned into gangs, cannibals, and all around psycho’s while the existing “government” wants survivors for their own reasons if they are coming out of the cryochambers.

While it sounds outdated, the open-world FPS title could very well turn into a rather influential and positive series. With DOOM having proven there’s still love for such titles, even though DOOM is more of an FPS, the possibility for a sequel is fully there. The question now is? Will Bethesda take us once more into their non-nuclear post-apocalypse with a new title from id Software? We’ll see.

Quake (Reboot)


Riding on the heels of DOOM’s success, it wouldn’t be surprising to see id Software take another spin with the fan favored Quake franchise. Fortunately for us? That means that Quake will be done the way a remake should be done and their success with DOOM proves they have the resources to do it. Quake, as many know, is one of the most influential arena shooters out there when it comes to multiplayer. Much like its online, the campaigns have always been fast, furious, bigger, better, and even more drenched in blood than ever. Unlike DOOM, however, Quake doesn’t offer up demon’s from Hell, but instead the twisted and menacing mysterious enemy force known as “Quake”, which are extra-dimensional being’s seeking to wipe out humanity. Later this involved an enemy foce known as the “Strogg”, which were half human and machine combined to make a lethal force.

While the idea of seeing a Quake reboot in the plausible future might not be realistic, we know that DOOM’s dev team has been hard-on-heels to flesh out the minor bugs, and working on the multiplayer DLC to bring more fresh content to the PvPer’s that have been at DOOM for countless hours since its launch.

The Elder Scrolls VI


While there have been many “leaks” stating Argonia or Valenwood are next? I’m hard-pressed to believe we may see a new title announced this soon, especially with the success rate of The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited, and its constant updating with new content. Granted the content ranges between $20-$30, it’s popular. While it has been stated they’ll be releasing a new entry in the series, it’ll be interesting to see the elven lands of Valenwood in the flesh with its own standalone title outside of The Elder Scrolls Online.

We can only predict the new title will be using many of the mechanics from the Fallout 4 engine as well as the Fallout 4 engine itself with possible mod support in the future, just like Fallout 4. If this title is announced? We’re sure it’ll have a lot shown later this year at QuakeCon while we are only teased a glimpse of it at E3.

The Evil Within 2


If Tango Gameworks didn’t screw with your mind the first time, we’re not surprised if Shinji Mikami and his team won’t try again. After the success of their first title, a masterpiece of horror, mind you, we can only hope they’re working on a follow up. With the first title having left many questions behind what was going on and the long term effects of the experimentation’s that lead up to the games major events, we can only keep our fingers cross hoping the effects were more widespread than we thought.

While it will be hard for Shinji in his team to surpass their spectacular work from the first time around, we can hope that Shinji is looking for new ways to make our skin crawl outside of rooms made out of giant porcelain baby doll faces. Excuse me while I find a blanket to hide under.

While we can speculate across the countless franchises that Bethesda Game Studios produces, we already know there’s a few we’re half expecting to be at E3, and a few that may just surprise us if they are. So lets take a look at the games we’re sure will be there with some new content and a bit more information regarding them.

Dishonored 2


Following up the works of Corvo, we know that Ms. Emily isn’t the little royalty we thought she would grow up to be, not after her family was assassinated infront of her and her guardian framed for it. With Corvo having retired from his “civic” duties, Emily is now well on her way to mastering her prowess as an assassin while wielding the mask and even grappling with mastering her equipment and abilities. Dishonored 2 by Arkane Studios has been one of the most anticipated first-person open-world titles that takes us into a beautifully portrayed steampunk world that fuses both modern sensibilities with colonial beauty.

While the title is slated for a release later this year, we’re highly anticipating finalized gameplay and new additions prior to the games release this week.

Fallout 4: DLC/Mod Support


We know that Fallout 4 is taking the sand-box world by storm since it’s bridging the gap between consoles and PC with mod support. Launching here shortly on Xbox One and later on PlayStation 4, we know mods have been a big deal with the franchise. Be it upped graphics, appearance items, new gameplay mechanics, companions, even some more adult-oriented content; Mods are a huge deal. With Fallout 4 it’d be surprising not to see something in regards to another large DLC along the scope of Far Harbor, which has recently been released for all platforms, and is rather enjoyable with the framerate fixes for consoles.

Since DLC’s are this games big deal, we’ll most-likely see something in regards to this manner. What we see? Now that’s the mystery.

Closing Thoughts

While the list of games we could see announced already and existing is slim, we know titles like DOOM, Dishonored 2, and Fallout 4 will more than likely be there, Bethesda Zenimax has a lot of ammunition up their sleeves. The question is now? How much of it will they spend before QuakeCon this year or will we be seeing it all at once with touch-ups on previous announcements? Right now it’s all wait and see.

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