Vainglory’s 1.18 Update is Huge

Entering the Halcyon Fold_Vainglory's Newest Hero Lance

As you may know we’ve been covering Vainglory quite a bit. It’s a MOBA that has been perfected to handhelds and is quite fun to take on the go. As with any update, there’s new features, but 1.18 definitely brings in a full blown swing with the massive amount of content it features. The biggest draw of it? The new hero, new skins, and the new quest chests that are featured to unlock skins, glory points, ICE (in-game real money currency), and even some boosters.

With any big update for Vainglory, we’re used to seeing a new hero and in turn we got one. This new update isn’t any different as it welcomes in the new roam hero named Lance. Lance is a powerful character who welcomes in as a tank with his polearm-and-shield play style. His ability to knock enemies away, snare them, and even role quickly into combat before blocking makes him a lethal adversary who can build crystal and utility to excel as a tank. In turn, he can also build for weapon power to bring in the pain during battle.

The update also features updated skins that will become available June 17th as Sky as she can unlock her Supersonic tier’s I and II now, with Tier 3 on the June date. In turn Tier III Celeste is coming soon with Blackfeather’s Tier I following right with it.

In addition to this update, New Quests and Chests have been added in to help with the rewarding system on Vainglory. Featuring in-game challenges on a daily/weekly basis, players can now earn new skin cards, boosters, Ice, and more by simply playing and leveling as well as being introduced to the game. More become available with players quickly fighting their way to account level 30 now. This means every level earned prior to this release? Gets its own chests even if you’ve earned those levels.

Additionally, the eSports Championship kick off for the Spring Season starts on June 3rd in Hollywood, CA, and June 10th in Berlin, Germany. For those of you interested in tuning in by checking out the action live, you can head over to both the North American Championship attendee sign-up here or the European Championship sign-up here. Fans can also tune into starting on those dates to see what it takes to be Vainglory Champions. Stay tuned as we plan on covering these Championships.

For more details on Vainglory update 1.18 check out the update notes here. Trust us, you’ll want to read up on these huge notes.

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