Total War: WARHAMMER Gets Official Mod Support at Launch


If you’re a modder and love to put out new content for P.C. games, Total War: WARHAMMER has had its latest announcement unveiled, which is full mod support and Steam Workshop support that will allow for you, the modders, the fans, and the gamers to enjoy content created by your fellow gamers. With this announcement, Creative Assembly has announced they will have both an Assembly Kit and Steam Workshop support setup so that the game will be ready on launch. Additionally the development team will also be assisting some modders in readying day one mods for those wanting some created content.

While it was initially announced that the game would not benefit from the official mod support and Workshop Support, the development team and Games Workshop both have worked away on the paperwork so that the much-in-demand fan feature could be come a reality. What does this mean for you? You’ll be able to visit the official Total War: WARHAMMER workshop, browse, follow, discuss, and even install mods straight from Steam, as well as access and manage them from within the games Total War Mod Manager within the game itself. Is that not enough? Of course not! The Assembly Kit will be officially released as a “modding tool box” that will be released with the Database Editor and BOB for modifying and exporting database tables as well as campaign start positions. They also are aiming to add further functionality including battle map editing later int he year.


Additionally, attendee’s to Creative Assembly’s Mod Summits over the last three years will be getting some early access codes to the game in order to help populate the Steam Workshop starting from day one. Also, well-known modders such as Magnar and Dresden will receive specific help from the development team at Creative Assembly in order to produce some unique mods of theirs. This means Magnar is creating a Legendary Lord Start Position Mod that will introduce new start positions from Race Leaders while Dresden is working on a Regional Occupation Mod, which alters settlement rules to enable each race to settle every and any region they want.

With this announcement, the enabling of Steam Workshop has allowed the DotA2 Team at Valve to announce they will be accepting submissions for a new “Warhammer” themed treasure to mark the release of the game. With all these announcements there is one last new one. Those that want to pre-order trough steam can get some unique little goodies to read up on:

 Total War: WARHAMMER is the first fantasy title to entire the Total War franchise when it releases on May 24th, 2016 through steam for PC. You can tune into their channel on Twitch to look at the Greenskins campaign today: .

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