Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Announced for Next Gen Consoles

Infinite Warfare

If anyone has been awaiting for announcements for Call of Duty, we know it’s the fans. Especially after the accidental leaks by Sony on the store that revealed Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare as the next entry in the series. While the game was at first seemingly going to take place purely in space, many players began to denounce it. However, today, Activision has confirmed that Infinite Warfare will be the first title in the Call of Duty franchise to venture past the realms of earth, and into the possible future of man and space in our very own solar system. While the game isn’t deploying the idea of a science fiction approach or even massive space battle approach, Infinite Warfare is at its core a Call of Duty. This means boots will be on the ground with infantry combat on the ground as well as in the depths of space.

While piloting vehicle in combat will happen, the game will approach space as a plausible battleground. With that, players will be taking to never before seen war zones. While the team has been heavily focusing on the games story, they are looking at how to push the boundaries for online combat. Maps will be in never-before seen locales while also using new mechanics to play. This will allow for fun, frantic combat in each multiplayer occasion.

For those of you who prefer Zombies, Infinity Ward has announced that a all new cooperative Zombies mode will be there as players take on a new story with new features. More about that, however, will be released at a later date. As with Black Ops III by Treyarch, the map packs will be exclusive to PS4 for 30 days.

Along with the games announcement, they’ve confirmed that the most critically acclaimed title in the franchise will be heading to PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One for the first time ever. In the Legacy Edition they have announced that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered will be included and was produced by Infinity Ward while being fully developed with Raven. The title will include all previous content including maps, story, and even a graphical upgrade to modern standards for next gen consoles. You can head to the the official site and plan your November 4th for a day of Call of Duty.

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