Reboots and Remakes Are in Fashion, So Here’s a Few That Need the Treatment

So in the past few months, even years, we’ve been getting a lot of remakes and reboots, even “HD” ports. We’ve been seeing games like Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, Dishonored, Ratchet & Clank, and now we’re even seeing titles like God Eater getting the treatment. So what happens when this can of worms gets opened? We get some games we’d like to see on this chart, so here’s a list of games that’d make great upgrades to be on par with their sister titles. So take a look at our top ten “Definitive Edition” game bundles we’d like to see get remastered.

10: Dead Space Trilogy 


So we all know you can’t hear anything in space except for the dramatic vacuuming of air, explosions, and yourself screaming inside of your own space helmet. For Isaac Clark, that’s not a choice he gets to have, and fortunately his space horror for him is our viewing pleasure. Known for its dislodging enemy parts strategically in order to kill them as well as the nuisance of limited ammo supplies, players dove in for a horror treat that left us clawing at EA’s doorsteps for more. Unfortunately the series seems dead in the water, but if fans get what they want, it’s pretty damn likely this is one of those top trilogies they’ll want to sustain their need for a good horror survival series that pushed the limits on gore effects.

9: Battlefield Bad Company 1 & 2


If you ever wondered what it’d be like to be part of the misfits in the United States Military, Battlefield Bad Company 1 & 2 took us for that joy ride across scenes of delight as we managed to piss off the Russian’s as we could in comedic style. While the series was at times downright hard to take seriously, the game offered the amount of military and comical mischief we needed. Plus it had Haggard who was an explosives maniac that would do anything to see some explosives go off. If he wasn’t there, it’s pretty set in stone this series would’ve flopped, but thanks to its innovation in multiplayer mechanics and mischief in its story? Battlefield Bad Company 1 & 2 only got better with a Golf Course warzone to enjoy. Now if only we could see it modernized with Battlefield 2142.

8: Resistance Trilogy


While Resistance saw itself with a few reboots that did utterly horrible, Resistance itself offered a unique blend of science fiction blended in with World War 2, which allowed for a unique twist of things as “$hit hit the fan”. For fans this included bigger, meaner aliens, bigger as well as meaner weapons, and a massive online multiplayer arena title that sent fans screeching across alleyways and through corridors in order to secure their kill. Unfortunately the series saw a drop off due to poor sales of Resistance 3 and Resistance Burning Skies. While both games were troubled, their multiplayer halves were a blast, and they kept true to what the original two did. Now if only Sony would hire Insomniac to remaster it or even reboot the series. If only.

7: Mass Effect Trilogy


While BioWare is very well known for Dragon Age and even Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic, their Trilogy titled “Mass Effect” has been one of the most revered franchises in gaming history due to its character development, storytelling elements, character creation tools, and even its approach to open-world exploration. As the series proceeded the love it has by the fans has continued to rapidly grow and seems it’ll keep doing so over the years. With Mass Effect Andromeda slated for 2017 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One, we can oly hope that BioWare will let us revisit the Shepard Trilogy in the near future.

6: Jade Empire


Years upon years ago when the Xbox Classic Console released, we were given a glimpse at the genius behind the minds at BioWare. In turn they gave us a tail that took us through a mystical land in China, here we mastered ghosts, evil pirates, and a wonderous tale that took us through mythical lands in order to overcome odds against evil. Because of this title many fans grew to love the mystical appeal that it carried with it and continue to discuss it to this day. The game has seen multiple free-to-buy releases that bring fans from all over the world in and even causes a few to boot up their Xbox 360’s or even Xbox Classic’s to play the title. If Microsoft and BioWare gave it a re-release with updated graphics and all previously released content? The game would surely take over as a “Martial Art masterpiece”.

5: Call of Duty Modern Warfare Trilogy


Before the series had been as highly regarded as it is competitively, Call of Duty was looking for a major turn in pacing as well as times of war. When announced Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare looked to change the playing field much like Battlefield 2: Modern Combat had  by taking us to the modern setting of warfare. With Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare the fame behind the franchise began to take off as it introduced weapon skins, customizations, kill streaks, and even player rank prestige, which demonstrated a players time on multiplayer. Even with the mutliplayer being phenomenal as it was, the campaign took many of the same strides as players got to see a bigger than life private war between the United States Special Forces and an elite group of terrorists that sought to bring the world about them down in flames.

4: Bioshock Trilogy


If the idea of being thousands of leagues below the sea wasn’t already disturbing enough, what about the idea that a science experiment has gone completely wrong, and in turn players are being thrown into the middle of it all in order to explore their options for survival. For Bioshock, that is the case as players found themselves attempting to survive the madness that pursued with special abilities and even the games unique twist of survival horror as fans began to fight their way through the world around them. Luckily the stories knew how to draw the worst out of people as moral decisions eventually came to play.

3: Deus Ex: Human Revolution

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When the title initially re-established the franchise, Deus Ex was already renown for its use of futuristic technology and running among titles such as Blade Runner. Luckily for fans, the franchise stuck true to what the series was about, but with technology as well as time, Deus Ex changed in order to modernize itself to a set of RPG and FPS like rules. If that wasn’t enough, players had to make decisions that made their character as well as the player push their limits of patience and situational awareness as players sought to find out what was going on as characters and enemies became augmented with cybertechnology to better their lives as well as become a lethal force within the world. With its success and upcoming launch for the sequel, it’d be hard to not see Square Enix re-releasing the title for next gen consoles as the 1080p/60fps quality the PC version was known for.

2: Soul Sacrifice Delta


If you ever wondered how hard games could get, you’ve probably played Dark Souls to get a feel for that or even Bloodborne, but what about this small title by the name of Soul Sacrifice Delta that was made by Keiji Inafune’s team at Comcept, it was not weird to see a title that blended fairy tales and horror together into an intriguing story for PlayStation Vita owners. However, for this adventure, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 owners were left int he dark without a clue as to what the game was like. Now that some of them have tasted it on Vita? The craving has begun t o move to PlayStation 4 as the console begins to game steady steam-ahead and continues to dominate in today’s market.

1: Dark Souls & Demon’s Souls


Known as the hardest games in the world, both of these two are predecessors to the gruesomely painful series that we’ve come to know and love over the years. Luckily the series has continued to remain as famous as it has been, but there’s something special about both Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls. These two games set the stage for what we know and love now as well as their continued evolution in modern gaming. Originally known to be the two toughest games of all time, both Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls challenged gamers in ways never before seen through traps, a story that was as desolate as a desert, and even harder than anything we had seen before. Both games gave a generous nod to the retro style of games where difficulty was non-existent and only was alleviated as the players skill grew. However, these two changed that, and grew increasingly more difficult as players progressed and remained doing so all the way to the end and past that as gamers began to take on New Game+ modes. It’d be a wonder to see what the two would look like upgraded to the Dark Souls III standard.

Closing Statement:

We all know there is a ton of great games from many generations before the current one, which leads to gamers wanting many many ways to revisit their classic games. Out of all the games you played, what ones didn’t make our top ten cut? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Not a huge fan of the HD-remakes, as I wasted enough cash on them as is. But I’d wholeheartedly welcome a fresh coated Jade Empire!!

    • It’ll definitely be a good one to see. Personally I think all are great choices, but Jade Empire will be a must have, and would be a day one purchase for my Xbox One, assuming Microsoft and BioWare make it happen.

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