Game Developer Legends Adrian Carmack and John Romero Team Up for a New Game

There was a time when we all knew these two for their participation in DOOM. More-so for the fact these two helped forge the first-person genre in a way we never knew and carved the path with John Carmack to make FPS titles what they are today. Seeing as both of been departed from id Software Since 1997 and 2003, respectively in order, Adrian Carmack and John Romero have been hard at work doing what they do best; enjoying video games and life. While Adrian Carmack has been MIA for sometime, it’s nice to see he’s once more returning to what they do best, make weird shit look awesome.


Recently the two have announced they are teaming up for a FPS title by the name of “The Return”, which I accidentally stumbled upon when sifting through YouTube last night watching video game highlights for PAX East. The title’s website aims at April 25th for an announcement, which we can probably be rest-assured that it’ll be a trailer for the upcoming game versus the games announcement itself which they made in the trailer below.

While the Star Wars like skit is enough to grab our attention, we all know these two are all about working hard and playing even harder. We’ve reached out to Night Work Games to find out more about the title, but we’re sure we’ll be told to watch for Monday, April 25th for more information.

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