Sword Coast Legends Comes to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One This Summer

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If you’re one for running through magical temples, caves, and fighting magnificent creatures in a D&D style games, Sword Coast Legends is just right up your alley. Sword Coast Legends you can imagine it’ll feature a cooperative or solo story that puts players in the land of the Forgotten Realms. In this adventure you’ll take on a member of the Burning Dawn, which is a small adventurers’ guild that has recently fallen on some difficult times. With, y’know, nightmares, murders, and your entire team being forced to fight the natural habitat of the world around them.

Initially released on P.C., Sword Coast Legends is a game that brings the land of Faerûn to life with iconic magical creatures, spells, items, and locations that have been directly plucked from the books. This means fans who know the 5th edition core D&D books well, will not find themselves disappointed. Enemies will vary whether adventurers play alone or together. They will take on enemies such as Hommet Shaw, a well-known Necromancer who serves Izhkin. According to D&D lore many know Izhkin as the self-proclaimed “Lord of the Dark” in the D&D universe. But even with this, characters will bring on a variety of rather memorable companions when real life friends can’t join you in the land of Faerûn.

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With this announcement, Digital Extremes has also announced that they will be releasing all previously released content and the game for 19.99 USD, but will also be releasing the upcoming DLC titled Rage of Demons. This DLC contains an entirely new adventure for players to experience and features fan-favorite Ranger Drizzt Do’Urden and his 600 lb. astral panther Guenhwyvar. And guess what? At no extra cost to you. To those who pre-order the game will be available starting June 6th, 2016.

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