Monday’s Almost Here, but Hey – New Games are Coming! March 2016 Releases!


So the Monday blues are almost here. Many of you’ve been settling in from your long weekend off and have decided… That Monday is about to ruin your day. Well it does for many folks and that’s an understatement of how detrimental the day can be. With it being over, we know many weekend warriors are preparing to put their joysticks down for a few days, and pull on their big boy and big girl pants. However, is it really that bad? Not really, here’s why: New games are on the horizon, so lets take a look at the upcoming games list for March.

March 1st: Mortal Kombat XL (Windows PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4) – If your setup for Mortal Kombat X only included the original fighters and no season pass? Here’s your entrance to two groups of new fighters including all characters from Season One and a new face never seen before. Did we mention it includes Kombat Pak’s 1 and 2 as well as all their content?

March 3rd: Black Desert Online, (Windows PC) — That trailer above is the real deal. If the game is anywhere as interesting as the trailer, we’ll be playing it off and on.

March 4th: The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD, (Nintendo Wii U) – Our favourite pointy eared heroes are back on another adventure to save the world around them. This time in a graphical upgrade from the titles original GameCube and Wii graphics.

March 8th: Tom Clancy’s The Division, (Windows PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4) – If the world ending through a pandemic wasn’t a realistic thing, we’re sure our attention wouldn’t have been grabbed so heavily by Ubisoft’s Action-RPG MMO title that puts us on the forefront of a world ending viral outbreak. Players will take on the role of Division agents in order to bring peace to the streets of Manhattan.


March 11th: Hitman(PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4): We’ve all been welcomed to Hitman one way or another. This time, Square Enix and IO Interactive have given Agent 47 a once over by taking him into an episodic series that’ll later release as a full series on disc. All we know is? 47 is back, more lethal than ever, and he has gotten a graphical upgrade on the new gen consoles.


March 15th: Aegis of Earth: Protonovus Assault, (PlayStation Vita): While the game looks interesting, Aegis of Earth: Protonovus Assault is an action-adventure game that seems to be built mostly around strategy tactics. Something that seems quite reasonable for the PlayStation Vita.


March 15th: Senran Kagura: Estival Versus, (PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 4): There’s no doubt that the busty fighters of Senran Kagura are back. This time they are serving up a new form of beating as they are teleported to a tropical paradise where they’ll be taking on a new set of enemies and formidable foes. This also means they are once more up to no good, but this time on both PlayStation 4 and Vita.

March 15th: EA Sports UFC 2, (PlayStation 4, Windows PC, and Xbox One) – For those fans who don’t get enough UFC in their life. It’s time for them to take it to the ring once more with another EA Sports title.

March 18th: Pokken Tournament, (Nintendo Wii ) – Ever wondered what a true Pokémon fighting game would look like? Well Nintendo is serving that right up for the Nintendo Wii U. Surprisingly this one is skipping out on the Nintendo 3DS.


March 25th: Hyrule Warriors Legends (Nintendo 3DS) – If you are one that absolutely loves the world of The Legends of Zelda and the idea of a cooperatively created title to become a Dynasty Warriors style game, here’s your chance to experience Nintendo and Koei Tecmo’s work together. The new version will feature new chapters, characters and even amiibo support for those who collect.

March 29th: MLB 16: The Show (PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4) — I can’t say I’m a huge fan of sports, but sitting down with friends to play a bit of baseball is always a nice thing to have. The game has undergone a few changes to assist in perfecting the game including perks for career mode and bullet time for needed time during key moments in career.

For those of you looking for some things to do, March is going to be a semi-busy month offering a variety of upcoming titles. If these aren’t your cup of tea, we highly suggest checking out Tripwire’s Killing Floor 2 (PC), Warframe (PC, PS4, and Xbox One), Wrack (PC), and even Fractured Space (PC).

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