Nintendo Renovates their Rockefeller Plaza Store

Are you one to visit Rockefeller Plaza in New York and just happen to like visiting Nintendo World Store? Well don’t make plans to head their any time soon. Recently Nintendo has announced that this iconic store has been closed temporarily so that they can renovate it to bring in new immersion, more fun, and an updated interior design as they power-up their store with this new look.

The new store will have new Wii U and Nintendo 3DS demo units, a 15-foot gaming screen as well as more elements and surprises when the store reopens on February 19th, 2016. Ontop of these new changes, the store will feature a new large bronze coin installed at the stores entrance with a tagline: “Where everyone comes to play,” a quote we are sure that the late Satoru Iwata would approve of.


During the stores new weekend of reopening (February 19th to the 21st), Nintendo will host a series of reopening activities at this store. These activities include giveaways (while the supplies last) and appearances by costumed characters like Mario and Luigi. The store will also be selling exclusive souvenirs that can only be purchased during that weekend, including a limited-edition T-shirt that will feature Mario or Link. Fans of you who want to  get these items and try out some of the latest games as well as new and upcoming titles for Wii U and 3DS? Your chance will be there as well.

Nintendo is constantly evolving its experiences for fans,” said Scott Moffitt, Nintendo of America’s Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing. “The new Nintendo NY store is a must-see location for anyone that has a memory of Nintendo, or who wants to see what Nintendo has in store for the future.

The store is located in the famous Manhattan Rockefellar Plaza,the Nintendo store is a gigantic, two-floor space dedicated to everything Nintendo. The store has brought fans together from around the world as they search to purchase cool Nintendo gear, but also to play some of the latest upcoming games as they prepare for release. The original store opened in 2005.

For more information about the Nintendo NY store, visit, or keep an eye on Nintendo of America’s social media channels for updates throughout the renovation process.

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