Marvel: War of Heroes Gets the New Nexus Update

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Written by Dustin Murphy

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Prepare your phones, tablets, your hands, and your eyes, today DeNA has unveiled the latest update coming to Marvel: War of Heroes. In this card battle based game, players will get to find themselves using characters such as Thor, Hulk, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Wolverine, and many, many more heroes in the largest superhero card game. With the newly announced updated, fans and newcomers will get to see all new gameplay mechanics, a newly revamped user interface, and even a newly implemented dynamic card evolution system so that you can update your brand new set of Nexus cards once the update is applied.

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Not familiar with “TCG” style games? Don’t be well fear not! For those unfamiliar with card games such as these or Marvel: War of Heroes, players will take on the challenge of going into the Marvel Universe with a card battle system. Here you will take on the task of going through the Nexus portal in order to experience various iconic locations within the Marvel Universe while taking on missions, fighting using the new Revolution Battle system, obtaining new cards, and even using a new systems that were made in order to make the game a little easier for those of you playing. This means new strategic card placements, a new skillful deck maneuvering system in order to take out enemies and collecting your rewards. With the new Nexus portal, fans will be able to gather new Materials, Gear, and even equip their cards with 60+ new items. This includes new cards from the Nexus update as well as battling Agents and even bosses for new powerful rewards.

the first zone that fans will get to enter with the release of Nexus will be Asgard, which many will know from the Thor comics, movies, and well Avengers. Here you will be tasked with helping Thor and experience the “Might of Asgard” as he seeks to show his worth to his father – Odin. As he does he will battle his friends Heimdall, Sif, and many more as he collects the cards and uses their unique abilities.

Interested in trying the game out? Visit App Store for iDevice users while fans on Android can visit Google Play. Do note that the game does contain in-app purchases and micro-transactions, but they are not required in order to play.

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