Hastune Miku: Project Mirai DX Gets Live-Action Mikudayo Form

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Written by Dustin Murphy


When reading the email from Sega they had already asked the question that came to mind, which was “wait, what the heck is a Mikudayo,” and the answer came even quicker. For those unfamiliar, Hatsune Miku is a vocaloid, a character created using octaves of a persons voice using certain sounds you may remember from music class such as the “do re mi” chords we were used to singing growing up. This time? This little vocaloid has been brought to life using her Nendoroid form. As a first time release within the United States, fans will get to see her in her cheerful demeanor, yet oddly stiff and hysterically awkward movements that she has been known for.

In a series of videos released by Sega Japan, we got to see Ms. Julia and Mikudayo in action having their fun. Ever wondered about the relevance of these videos? Well it’s part of the Miku Lifestyle that you just boarded the train! This series is fun, energetic, and will give newcomers an idea of what to expect in the upcoming games such as Project Mirai DX, which is a Nintendo 3DS exclusive title that will get a Launch Edition that will feature a collectible outer box, Hastune Miku wallet chain as well as 19 double-sided AR cards.

Check out all the Mikudayo videos here, localized into English by SEGA staff!

Stay tuned for our upcoming review and a possible (if we can afford it) unboxing of the Launch Edition.

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