Fallout Shelter Arrives on Android Devices

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Written by Dustin Murphy


Remember back at QuakeCon 2015 when we reported that Bethesda Softworks was going to release Fallout Shelter, the first-ever mobile game set in the celebrated Fallout universe from Bethesda Game Studios on Android Devices this summer? It has. As of these past few days, anyone who owns an Android Device can jump onto the Google Play store and download it for free of charge, but with in-game paid options that are not required.

 As many who have played it know, which is something we can admittedly say we agree, the game is fun, addicting, and is very player-friendly with its approach to in-app purchases, which are not required to play. With Fallout Shelter having received high accolades from the leading outlets in the gaming media, it has earned ‘Game of the Week’ from Touch Arcade, nominations for ‘Biggest Surprise’ from IGN and ‘Best Handled/Mobile Game’ from the official Game Critics Awards, which sets it apart from any mobile game out there.

 With its launch, the game comes with all content up-to-date, and even introduces Mr. Handy whom is the games ultimate robotic companion as a premium reward. Players can use Mr. Handy to collect resources from inside the Vault, send him into the wasteland to find caps, or simply let him help protect your Vault from nasty invaders that seek to pillage and plunder it. This newest updated version includes new Deathclaw invasions and the pesky Molerats who will infest your Vault if you aren’t careful.

 Much like Fallout, Fallout Shelter is a post-nuclear strategy and simulation title that puts players into the role of the Overseer of their own state-of-the-art underground Vault, which helped protect your Vault Dweller community from the nuclear fallout that occurred. Players will learn to help their communities grow, manage resources, and even help their Dwellers specialize with S.P.E.C.I.A.L.’s when they aren’t busy having families of their own. If you want to learn more about Fallout Shelter, visit the game’s official website: www.FalloutShelter.com.

Stay tuned for our upcoming review.

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