Want a New Silent Hill Game? It’s Not What You Want.

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Written by Dustin Murphy


You’re probably no stranger to the drama that unfolded during the spring when Konami announced that they were abruptly splitting ways with Hideo Kojima after his upcoming title Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain released. With many fans appauled and even disgruntled by this announcement, we learned Destructoid that composer, Rika Muranaka, that the relationship between Kojima has been struggling for quite sometime. Finding out this bit of news hurt, especially after the removal of his name from the upcoming MGS title, but also the complete cancellation of the highly anticipated and well received Silent Hills title. The downside?

It seems that this news wasn’t too far off that Konami might just be parting from games in general for a handheld and casino like market. The trailer below? Seems to point right at that possibility where Konami says they are or aren’t.

Our Take:
While we know the friendship between Kojima and Konami hasn’t been great, we know there were numerous reports that Konami wasn’t going to stay in the gaming market seems to be more than true with the announcement of this newest pachinko machine. Sadly? This seems to be the signs that Konami may just be folding under the want for the high-profit casino scene. While I would love to see a new Silent Hill game, this is definitely not the one we would like to see, but instead we are given this. What will happen to the franchise? With it becoming a gambling game, we can only wonder how much worse it can get for Konami fans.

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