Nintendo Wins a New Patent Case Pertaining to the DS Family

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Written by Dustin Murphy


If you are one to read the news, you already know that Nintendo has been slammed with several patent infringements by other companies. As of this week, we’ve learned directly from Nintendo that they have won another patent case, but this time they have won against Secure Axcess LLC, which claimed that Nintendo’s DS family pertaining to the Nintendo DS, DSi, Nintendo 3DS, Nintendo 3DS XL, and other consoles do not infringe upon the patented content the company had filed. With recently winning, Nintendo has recently won 10 out of 10 of the disputed issues regarding to the scope of that Secure Axcess, LLC claimed that Nintendo infringed upon. At the helm of the Washington states federal court, Judge Ricardo Martinez issued the ruling after it was originally filed back in January 2013 in a Texas court. In the original filing, Axcess had issued a patent-assertion had stated that Nintendo had infringed upon the patents filed against them. With Nintendo’s ruling, Devon Pritchard, Nintendo of America’s General Counsole and Senior Vice President of Business affairs stated that “We are very pleased with the court’s rulings and outcome in this case, and will continue to vigorously defend our innovative products against patent lawsuits.”

With this ruling, we also learned that a case against Nintendo was also dismissed back in July on the 17th, where a federal court judge also ruled that eight of Nintendo’s most popular hand-held consoles, which included Nintendo’s 3DS, DSi, and GBA were not infringing upon the patent asserted against them by Quintal Research, Inc.

Our Take:
While it’s never good to hear about copyright or patent infringements, it certainly has seemed that Nintendo has been slammed with them in the past few years. With them having won this overall ruling, it looks like Nintendo is clearing out the dust, and letting it settle from patent infringing lawsuits. With the recent passing of their well renowned and beloved former president, Satoru Iwata, Nintendo can now breath a little easier while we await news regarding who will be taking his place. The only question now? What will Nintendo due to keep the patent trolls away?

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