Ten PC Games That Need to come to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

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Written by Dustin Murphy


There’s no secret that PC gamers have some of the most unique games out there. Their games range from large named Kickstarter projects to games that have managed to go under the radar and never even be seen from there. In this case? I’ve compiled a list of several games that would be instant smash hits on the consoles due to their story, background with PC gamers, and even the overall appeal to them. Some of these games have been out for a while now while others are just now starting to pick up a steam. So lets get started with our top ten titles we’d like to see.

#10: Rust – Face Punch Studio


Many know Rust for its brutal online gameplay where players fight to survive against other players. You must scavenge food from animals, players, and even hunt down resources while trying to build alliances and stay alive. Get a big enough alliance and a town may just be possible if players stick together. The true danger is? No one knows who can be trusted once their back is turned and bridges are burnt. This would fit perfectly on the PlayStation platform thanks to how isolated games can feel at times due to party chats.

#9: Niko: Through the Dream – Studio Paint


Niko: Through the Dream is a beautiful game that is recognized as a minimalist adventure that tells the tale of Niko as she attempts to return to her world. As you take on her adventure, players will travel through multiple islands where happiness, solitude, or fear are melted away with the games hidden riddles, traps, and dangers that will confront both the player and Niko’s abilities that require determination, ability, and even logic. With Niko’s adventure being told through colours, shapes, sounds, and small hidden items, the game is beautiful, sad, and even whimsical as her narrative is explored with each new adventure that comes forth on each island.

#8: S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Collection – GSC Game World


Like in real history, 1986 was the host to one of the nuclear worst disasters to have ever occurred; Chernobyl. Amidst the nuclear meltdown the Soviet Union established a 30km Exclusion Zone around the nuclear wasteland to keep people out, but in 2006 the zone is rocked by yet another explosion that has brought all life in the ‘Exclusion Zone’ to an end and has pushed the boundary further out. From where the explosion had occurred something has come from the shadows: mutated creatures from the radiation, but also an anomalous energy source. Now cordoned off by the military, anyone that attempts to get close is shot on sight and the secret from this zone has become buried deep within the Zone. In 2012 a man has adventured into the heart of the Zone due to reports of strange ‘artifacts’ that have been imbued with this new energy source. In turn the military, mercenaries, and even bounty hunters have begun to compete against each other in order to obtain the artifacts and control the power they have, but while doing so? S.T.A.L.K.E.R.S. as they are called – will have to not fight against just each other, but against the creatures within as they seek to escape Chernobyl. This franchise would fit in quite well with the previous titles that had been released on the PlayStation 4 in the past year.

#7: Killing Floor – Tripwire Interactive


Killing Floor is just what it sounds like, a game that takes place in London, England after Horzine Biotech, a who has decided to work on mass cloning and genetic mutation has something go completely wrong in their labs. This incident leads to the human subjects turning into grotesque mutations that have also encountered a twisted set of disfigurements as the experiments continue on. After a few hours of the creatures becoming hostile, they begin to overrun the internal security forces and break out to the surface world. This is where our game begins as groups of four players seek to exterminate the mutations and even find their attempts fruitless as players attempt to survive each round, take out hordes of enemies and make their way to safety in order to possibly save the city from the brink of destruction.

#6: Warhammer 40,000: Regicide – Hammerfall Publishing


Lets just pretend one moment that you have no clue what Warhammer 40k is about, well that doesn’t necessarily matter in this new imagining of it. Thanks to the team at Hammerfall Publishing fans get to see Chess turn into a classic game of Warhammer in a very beautifully animated game that takes Space Marines and the likes only to throw them on a chessboard and allow newcomers to take on this classic game in a whole new look.

#5: The Forest (Confirmed – Date: TBA) – 


With the game being on early access via Steam Early Access, The Forest is a gorgeous game that is sitting in pre-alpha version and has been constantly updated sense with a new graphics engine, mechanics, and even having allowed fans to enjoy a game that emphasizes on survival as players take on the task of surviving an island that has been inhabited by cannibals. With the game not focusing on any form of set story or guidelines, it’s time for fans to brave the wilds of this island, gather resources, build a safe place, and explore the island around them including the wreckage of the plane they were once on.

#4: Rise of the Triad – Apogee Software and Interceptor Entertainment


Back in the 90’s it wasn’t uncommon to see games like this one where the objective is to kill as many enemies as possible without dying, but to also make it through various puzzles, landscapes, and the likes. During this era you wanted bigger guns, tons of enemies, and high paced action, and this variant of a classic throwback by both Apogee Software and Interceptor Entertainment is well worth it and one that definitely deserves a console launch for those who have yet to have a chance to play it.

#3: Wrack – Final Boss Entertainment


Just like before, Wrack is a highly entertaining and fun game that allows for a entertaining experience while utilizing a pistol, sword, shotgun, and even much bigger title as weapons are sought out in order to take out the enemies that Kain must encounter as players take on their quest. With cyborgs, aliens, and even mysterious enemies coming forth, players will take on puzzles, bosses, and well crafted encounters while attempting to pursue an amazing story. This is definitely a bullet hell title we’d love to see make its way to the consoles since its launch on PC by our acquaintances over at Final Boss Entertainment.

#2: Team Fortress 2 – Valve Software


You already know about the quirky game that has gotten more attention than Half-Life could ever get and has become easily one of the most played games next to CS:GO. Welcome to Team Fortress 2, the most ludicrous game I’ve ever played in my life. While the game was enjoyed for the most part on Xbox 360 and eventually PlayStation 3, Team Fortress 2 has remained at its heart a hysterical first person experience that relies heavily upon its mods, community, but also the fact its always evolving, which would fit in perfectly with how the PlayStation 4 handles the newer games that are releasing on it as free-to-plays.

#1: This War of Mine – 11bit Studios


War… War is something that can never be called beautiful even if it’s about liberation, freedom, revolution, or any of the above all at once. Unlike most war games, This War of Mine is a unique title that blends storytelling, consequence, and survival into an all-in-one title that will push fans to attempt keeping a group of survivors alive while food, medicine, and resources dwindle down over time and outside threats become a reality. With everything becoming harder and harder to find, your choices are serious, thoughtful, and can be just as punishing as ever if the right choices aren’t made before hand in this side-scrolling psychological title.

Closing Thoughts

While this is only a laundry list of the many great games that have managed to make their way onto the Steam store, we also know that many of these games have tons of potential thanks to the current gen consoles, but also the capabilities of the X86 architecture that both Sony and Microsoft proceeded to go with. If you are like myself, many of these games have been enjoyable on PC if you’ve had the chance to enjoy them through your own PC or even a friends PC. Regardless, the games are greatly imaginative and will push the mind of any gamer into the Twilight Zone whether they want to go there are not. What are some PC games you think would be good to make the jump? Let us know!

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