Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Phantoms Gets Update 2.0 With New Features

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Written by Dustin Murphy


Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Phantoms has been getting bigger, bigger, and bigger since its launch last year. With it we have learned that the Update 2.0 has become available to all players. In this update fans can get in on the tactical gameplay with a free trial of the all-inclusive Infinite Pack, welcoming new players to the same great tactical gameplay with streamlined improvements and more free content, and all we can say? This is a grab worth grabbing if you are new to the online shooter.

Free Infinite Pack Trial – This pack allows users to try out other equipment sets, but also allows for fans to try out this pack for free as they travel up-to and past level 15. This pack includes a level up with all standard gear int he game as well as bonus rewards for people using the pack.

The update also demonstrates new improvements that have been made such as accessibility to all users. As Producer Francois Logeais explains it: “Our goal is to reduce the confusion and choice paralysis new users feel by progressively exposing them to our systems. We will guide new users through the new streamlined early experience and offer only directly relevant options and modes.”  This includes a new user-friendly interface (UI) as well as a community requested removal of the Armor Maintenance system, which allows for fans to free up more in-game currency for players to get the gear they want. Update 2.0 also includes new free content, such as new Tier 11 and Legendary weapons, a new Team Deathmatch map, and an increase in level cap from 50-70.

This update also includes a friends referral system, which allows for a more team-based focusing system, but also more work as a multiplayer shooter, which helps focus on team building while working on obtaining their objectives and winning matches. This means friends can build up their trusted user base with the new friends referal system, which allows for the collecting of valuable rewards.

Head on over to the website and play for free over at: or find it on the Steam store today.

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