KILLING FLOOR 2’s Volter Manor Update Now Available

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Written by Dustin Murphy


Have you been playing the latest versions of Tripwire Interactive’s most recent title that’s currently out available for PC exclusively through Steam’s Early Access. For those of you who already have the game through Steam. Recently it was teased through their official website only known as “Volter Manor”. Where is this locale? In the Swiss mountains where the Manor has been built into the cliff side, which makes it a modern day fortress with many, many deadly enemies in the area, it’s time for players to enter the manor and rid it of all the Zeds in order to be rewarded with massive amounts of blood and gore.

In order to also celebrate the release of KILLING FLOOR 2 back in April through Steam’s Early Access Program, Alan Wilson and Mark Hayler will be returning to their roles as the “Classic” loyalty characters that players get for getting the game in Early Access. Their characters? Masterson and Briar will be returning from the original KILLING FLOOR 2 roles as one of the fan favourite features returns: Item Hunts. Something that will send players scavenging through hunts in order to collect eight new achievements that have been made available thanks to this games latest update.


The recent patch update includes a number of bug fixes and refinements.  Here’s the complete change list:


  • New map: Volter Manor
  • Added collectable items and related achievements to all 4 existing maps
  • Numerous fixes to cosmetic issues and map exploits in Biotics Lab, Burning Paris and Outpost


  • Added 2 new characters for owners of the original KILLING FLOOR: Classic Briar and Classic Masterson


  • Improved XP barks on player HUD
  • Added “Killed by” messages on HUD
  • Voice comms select on close instead of requiring a mouse click


  • Update bugsplat to give us more information, which may add a delay when submitting
  • Added a clientside filter for full servers (in addition to server-side)
  • Increased the EndOfGameDelay to 15 seconds
  • Fixed unintended extra applications of Field Medic’s Armament and Vaccination buffs when using Medic Grenades
  • Slowed down AI movement speed slightly in HOE
  • Crash fix for servers that have improperly set up server actors
  • Fixed issues when connecting to passworded servers via command line and Steam invites
  • Fixed some FX not being affected by night vision goggles when motion blur is enabled


  • Enabled UE stats for the SDK only


With their reputation being known, Tripwire has once more carries on by listening to fans, engaging with them, which will remain unchanged with Killing Floor 2 even in Early Access and post launch, Tripwire is known for tweaking the games to provide better experiences for players. As players enjoy the game, Tripwire will be taking feedback in order to iterate their title based upon the player feedback in order to add new maps, monsters, perks, weapons, game types, and more as the game heads up to its launch.

With this information, Players who have chosen to purchase Killing Floor 2 during its Early Access will be entitled to a large amount of free content that will carry over into the games full release later this year, as well as more content for free through the games Full Release and Beyond. Furthermore, players will be able to carry on the legacy of content that Tripwire maintains with its community feedback. Want to enjoy the community? Head onto the official forums to give feedback for those who play during Early Access:  Tripwire Interactive : Killing Floor 2 Early Access Forums

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