The Cast of Deception IV: The Nightmare Princess Unveiled with a Trailer

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Written by Dustin Murphy


There’s no surprise that Koei Tecmo is excited about once more releasing Deception IV: The Nightmare Princess on PlayStation 4’s across the world. This time? It’s a new version of Deception IV, which will feature the two ‘daughters’ of the Devil, a mysterious creature that’s been locked away in a magical cage for thousands of years. With the Devil gone, it’s up to the daughters to carry on their sadistic trouble making to those who invade their home.

So who are these mysterious ladies that decide to unleash their trickster, sadistic and elaborate traps that will defeat enemies in the most humiliating ways possible?

First up is the daughter, Laegrinna, whom has been added by three Daemon’s in a quest to find, kill, and humiliate the Saints that bound her and her sisters father into his magical prison. With sadistic, elaborate, and even humiliating traps to use, Laegrinna will display her use of trickery and cunning to defeat her foes.

Unlike her sister, Velguirie will be seen as a new wicked, sadistic, infernally mischievous, and even more-so sadistic than her sister. Unlike her sister, Velguirie’s story is shrouded in mystery since not much is known about her, her past, or how she came to be. Awakened by an automaton need Ephemera, Velguirie will be joining the fight now that she has last her powers and will seek to regain them. Pushing through enemies, Velguirie will do as the Devil, her father, bids so that she can trap humans and lure them into the demi-plane located between the dreamlands and the waking world. As she traps their souls, Velguirie will display her to be the first and only character this far to have an active power, one that will allow her to use kicks and somersaults to trick her enemies into traps or even to elude them.

Much like before, players can unlock characters from the previous Deception games after having completed the main campaign. So who are these ladies? Find out below.


Millenia, the Clockwork Princess, has been brainwashed since she was a child and made to hunt humans. As a result, Millenia never has any remorse or emotion over her actions. She has more stamina than the other characters and the power to use traps in rapid succession- after she powers them up.


Alicia, the Branded Princess, was branded as a sacrifice for the Devil after being framed for killing her father. The brand on her arm allows her to automatically recover her stamina and to push enemies. She can also choose defensive abilities such as Recovery and Shock Wave.


Reina, the Tragic Princess, was taken as a slave after her family was murdered on her 17th birthday. She is very agile, though not too strong, and has the unique ability to slow time and dodge enemy attacks.

Are you ready to return to trapping enemies using golden toils, Jack-o’-Lanterns, banana peels, swaying pandas, human cannons, iron maidens, flame traps, arrow traps, and more? With a total of 180 traps for you to use, players will be able to create hilarious, dark, and the most elaborate trap based combos in order to make enemies wish they never entered the Medieval Castles, Hospitals, Playgrounds, and even amusement parks that these ladies inhabit. Will you be able to make the most elaborate, creative, and humorous trap setup ever? Find out on July 14th, 2015, when Deception IV: The Nightmare Princess releases exclusively on PlayStation 4 in both physical as well as digital format (digital only for PlayStation 3). Are you ready to go deep into the world of Fatal Frame’s creator Keisuke Kikuchi and the development team at Koei Tecmo Games in Japan? Find out this summer.

Deception IV: The Nightmare Princess has not yet been rated by the ESRB.

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