Blizzard Gives Diablo 3 Gets Secret Cow Level for its Third Anniversary

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Written by Dustin Murphy


Are you a fan of Diablo 2’s infamous cow level and hearing a night of hearing cows scream “moo” as they meet their udder-filled demise? Currently Blizzard Entertainment is celebrating the third anniversary of Diablo 3 with a “Cowpocalypse” as one denizen of Tristram’s regions calls it. So what’s up with this? Besides being udderly insane and being milked for all its humour, Blizzard is giving you a chance to get your butcher knives sharpened and ready for the culling starting on May 15th until the dusk of May 21st.

So what exactly do you have to do visit the cow level by entering a portal that appears after having killed certain mooving targets.So what so what should you do? Go beat on some cows, make sure to be prepared as this cud be veally bad for your unseasoned character, so there’s no misteak in what you should do. Psst, don’t forget, cows don’t kill people, Sanctuary’s inhabitants do.

Source: Blizzard

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