Ar nosurge: Ode to an Unborn Star Plus Launches for PlayStation Vita

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Written by Dustin Murphy


Last year we got our hands on one of the best RPGs we could have played once we got to sit down and play it post review: Ar nosurge: Ode to an Unborn Star. Recently announced, Koei Tecmo and NIS America have announced that they are bringing this fan favoured title to the PlayStation Vita this year. This time around we are getting to once more experience it, but this time on the PlayStation Vita with all the new costumes, new “purification” partners, and some of the DLC from the PS3 version that will be pre-loaded on this game once you download it. As the game will be almost exclusively to the NIS Store through the Limited Limited Edition when the game has launched today on the PlayStation Vita, players will be able to get their hands on the collectible items, but also the games contents such as the physical edition of the game, plus a Surge Concerto Pin Badge, Microfiber Cloth, Sticker Sheet, Ar nosurge Plus Poster in an 17’’ by 24’’ size, but also the collector’s box that goes with it.

Synthesis 02

So what’s new? Four new costumes for the four main characters by the names of Delta, Earthes, Casty, Ion. That’s not enough? You can also beat the game to unlock even more costumes with the games new “Purification” costumes, which will also bring in new “Purification” partners by the names of Sarly, Nelo, and Shurelia. Unlike before, these characters can be selected as conversation partners during Purification, and will allow for even more interaction among party members to deepen the players relationships with each of the characters. Included with these bits of newest additions, the game will feature some of the previously released DLC with the game, but also will see new updates as well as balancing done to the game, a new full feature tutorial, and Synthesis Shop Events that can be done from the games menu.

Ar no surge is a game that focuses on the ‘7 Dimensions’ RPG set, which will take place in a world where music and the songs accompanying it can create magic. The title tells a story of a civilization that has lost their planet and has been pushed to roaming the edges of space for over 2000 years in search of a home they can call their own. In this story, players will follow two sets of characters as they explore the story, Delta and Casty as one set. These two are set in a goal to protect humanity in order to save the world, while Ion and Earthes are trying to help Ion find a way home to Earth. As players change between both pairs, but also adventure as each individual one, they will find a story that is evolving, beautiful, and quite frankly, enjoyable.

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