Lord of Magna: Maiden Heaven for 3DS Gets Street Dated

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Written by Dustin Murphy


As many know, RPG’s are nothing short of a rare breed, one that XSEED Games is known for bringing over such rare titles from Japan, and Lord of Magna: Maiden Heaven is no exception to this rule. Releasing exclusively on the Nintendo 3DS, Lord of Magna: Maiden Heaven will be landing in stores in North America on June 2nd for 39.99 USD and will also land on the Nintendo eShop for the same price at the same time. The first print, however in retail format, will feature the games soundtrack, which features 28 selected songs from the game, but also they will be in high-quality on this CD. Additionally, the title is being headed by the mastermind behind the long-running frachises such as Bokujo, Yoshifumi Hashimoto, creative mastermind behind the acclaimed and long-running Bokujo Monogatari and Rune Factory series, but also the famous Bokujo Monogatari series, which he also is known for the newly released Story of Seasons (our review can be found here). In Story of Seasons he was directly involved in the game’s production and creative vision to provide the best possible experience.

Lord of Magna - 07

Lord of Magna: Maiden of Heaven places players as the games young innkeeper by the name of Luchs. While enjoying his peaceful innkeeping days, Luchs discovers a bracelet only known by the name of “Lachyrma”. After having found it, he is taken by surprise by a group of strange creatures, which causes a rather mysterious faerie who just happens to be trapped within a crystal and all her memories having become clouded. Deciding to help her recover her memory, he goes on his strange quest. As they do, they encounter several faeries in a state just like her own, but they all have the same issue: lost memories.

Lord of Magna - 06

As players help these faeries, they will take on well known elements from past titles such as tactical combat, role playing leveling, and timing attacks in order to plow through enemies and treat them as they need in order to bring them down in one swift strike. As players turn the battlefield into their favor, players will also be able to take their Nintendo 3DS’ on the go with them using the StreetPass feature in order to participate in Free Battles, but also obtaining new skills, unique items, and even new enemies. The game will feature a fast-forward option for cutscenes for those of you wanting to enjoy combat, but players will also allow for players to customize their experience in order to enjoy it as much as possible. Completed by in-game movies and art galleries, the game will leave players hungering for more as their adventure comes to find a place in their hearts. Will you be there to enjoy it this summer?

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