Gex, Fear Effect and Anachronox Head to Square Enix Collective

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Written by Dustin Murphy


Were you one that grew up in the 90’s and always wanted to go back and experience or see some of the greatest franchises remade? As of this week, Square Enix has announced that they are offering the chance for the first three of the Eidos IPs for independent developers to pitch on in order to shape a new installment or even a fresh reboot of the franchise. On top of this news, Square Enix has also announced that the haunting point-and-click adventure Goetia has become the third successful project from the Collective to hit its Kickstarter goal with the support from their talent-finding platform that allows indie developers to have a chance to make it big.

With this news, they have also announced that they are open for new project pitch submissions for the first time since the closing after a few days of entering 2015. Due to the high demand from fans and developers alike, the Collective will be allowed to submit game ideas for projects set in the worlds of Gex, Fear Effect or Anachronox. This means those talented teams waiting for their chance to bring back some of Eidos’ most loved IPs will have their chance to reboot a franchise that has been long absent since the days of the PlayStation One (Fear Effect/Anachronox) and Nintendo 64 (Gex).


“I’m excited to see what talented teams might do with any one of Gex, Fear Effect or Anachronox IPs. We’ll monitor the response carefully before deciding which IPs to release next,” said Phil Elliott, project lead on Collective. “And it goes without saying that we’re delighted for the whole Goetia team, as they become the latest member of the Collective family alongside Moon Hunters and Black the Fall in hitting their funding targets.

“We first announced we’d be opening up Eidos IPs for developers to pitch on, with our initial announcement of Collective in November 2013. Since then we’ve worked hard to establish the Collective platform as a viable place for small teams to build awareness for their ideas, and then for the community to feedback – and vote on those projects they’d potentially back through crowdfunding.”

With the news that the successful Kickstarter by French developer Sushee had succeeded, Goetia has hit its $30,000 target as of this week. That’s with 48 hours having been left in the games crowdfunding campaign having been remaining. So what caused the Eidos IP candidacy to open up? The Goetia campaign itself, which allowed for up for 36 original game ideas from teams in more than 17 different countries to have been published on the Collective Feedback platform.

A detailed explanation of how the process of pitching on the Eidos IPs is available in a blog post on the Collective website:

The Goetia Kickstarter campaign:

They have also started showing off their upcoming campaign, which they will be hoping that you are supporting through its Kickstarter campaign, due to launch in early March: Halcyon 6: Starbase Commander.

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