Community Spotlight: Darnell of the Nezzy Channel on YouTube

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Written by Dustin Murphy


When it comes to gamers the community is what makes gamers feel truly alive. This is because games, commonalities, and interaction is what makes gamers enjoy and able to relate to another one. Let alone is it because of our favorite franchises and or common enjoyments the same, it’s also because we love to discuss things that would help improve games or even help alter the current state of a game to one that it should have been to begin with.

Today we take a focus to a man who isn’t just passionate about games, but movies, and community. Darnell, better known as his Facebook name on the Destiny: Guardians of the Galaxy group, Darnell Futuristic Ingram has brought gamers who enjoy Destiny and other cooperative games together and given them a place to discuss games of all sorts when not focusing on just Destiny. Let alone does Darnell or “Nezzy” focus on running this group, he is also a YouTube channel owner, movie and game enthusiast that just happens to work at a rather favored store chain of mine: GameStop.

Darnell’s videos range from trailer reviews, to movie reviews, game reviews, and general discussions that focus on game bugs, what to expect, and even just his everyday thoughts on the games current state. So how can you find him? Visit the Destiny: Guardians of the Galaxy Page and even his “The Nezzy Channel” over on YouTube.

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