Operation Abyss: New Tokyo Legacy Gets an April Release

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Written by Dustin Murphy


Interested in visiting a new title by the company that brought you Demon Gaze? If so then this is definitely something that will grab the attention of PlayStation Vita owners. Starting on April 14th for North America and on the 17th of April for Europe, players will be able to obtain the title in both digital and physical formats. The game will allow players the chance to fight through the Abyss and go against an enemy only known as the Variants.

The group players will be taking the role as is a group known as Xth Squad. The squad was formed using a group of unique teens who have been optimized by the CPA Code technology, which allows them to be a formidable foe against their enemies. In this title players will find themselves working with the Code Physics Agency to investigate the mysterious phenomena that has appeared in the world as portals that lead to a mysterious and dangerous dimension called the Abyss. While going into the abyss, players will find themselves fighting genetically engineered monsters. Will you have what it takes to save the world and ultimately finish the investigations?

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