B.A.T.G.R.s Top Ten Games of 2014

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Games, games, and more games – this was easily the theme of 2014 as the end of the year was bombarded with some mind-blowers, some not-so mind-blowing games, and even some sleeper hits. These are all games that were carefully taken into consideration when digging through and deciding as a team whether or not we should add remakes into our top ten of 2014. Well did we? As much as we would have loved to done so with games such as Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire, Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD ReMIX and even Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD having launched, we decided to leave these out. If you are wondering why, it’s simply for the fact these remakes are just that, remakes that have been updated and even having had some bonus content added to give a more modernized feel. So what did we choose as our top ten of 2014? Take a peek at our list below.

Our Top Ten Games of 2014


10) Wolfenstein: The New Order

Ten or so years ago, this game would not have been possible due to the lack of graphical capabilities that consoles were limited by, but thanks to PC’s, New-Gen Consoles, and a few advancements by the gaming industry; it happened. This game takes the cake when it comes to graphical advancements by the id Tech engine Bethesda has been implementing to a lot of these new First Person Shooters. Even the story takes quite an interesting turn that will pull players into their seats and along for the ride.


9) Hyrule Warriors

This game is one of those that is extremely addictive thanks to the team up between Koei Tecmo and Nintendo bringing one of their most beloved franchises and letting it adopt a Dynasty Warriors element to it. This is where the game finds success even through its riveting storyline that pits players in adventures as Link as he scours through Hyrule in order to help save Princess Zelda from an ultimately evil force that seeks nothing except to end the world in chaos. During this adventure players will find Golden Skulltula’s hidden through each map while also hunting down hidden treasures as well as fairy fountains.


8) The Evil Within

With the return of Shinji Mikami working side by side with Bethesda through his new home at Tango Gameworks, we have been once more dragged through a fearfest made by insanity. Not being able to tell what is real, what is fake, and what is absolutely going to make you soil yourself is what drives this game at its core. With limited ammo, healing supplies, and even resources; players will find themselves pushing as much as they can to escape the events that are folding in front of them while trying to find the source of the darkness that is hunting down Sebastian as he frantically fights for survival.


7) Sunset Overdrive

Ever wondered what would happen if mutant zombies were caused by drinking soda? Well wonder no more. The famous team behind Ratchet and Clank have teamed up with Microsoft to bring this high paced, adrenaline filled title that encourages players to go to town in the funkiest of ways possible. Costumes, weapons that make almost no sense, and even a hysterical cast; this game is definitely one to put on the books for Xbox One owners if they haven’t pulled this game from the shelves.


6) Destiny

With the departure from Microsoft, Bungie found a new home as they headed towards Activision in order to secure a new future within the gaming industry. This is what lead to their development of one of the best online cooperative titles to date. Destiny focuses on players taking the role as a Guardian, one that seeks to help protect, save, and even bring forth a chance for Awoken, Exo’s, and even human’s to find safety away from intergalactic threats that have caused The Traveler to fall into a slumber. Now? It’s time to wake it up and hopefully save the universe from succumbing to an enemy only known as: The Darkness.


5) Freedom Wars

Stories and gameplay is what helps make games astonishing. This is simply one of those games that delivers both. The game will put players into a world that has been devastated. Major Earth populations have been all-but-wiped from existence. With resources, population, and even territories constantly at war; players will find themselves in a rather peculiar place. This place? Your Panopticon, which also acts as your prison, base of operations, and ultimately the place your character will sponsor. With cooperative, online versus, and even single player being at the games focal point, it’s no surprise this game made our top ten list for 2014.


4) Far Cry 4

Ever wondered what it would be like to be in the Himalaya’s when a lunatic of a warlord has besieged the region of Kyrat? Well wonder no more. In this adventures, players will be visiting Kyrat as Ajay as he seeks to visit the place where his father once stayed and has become a bit of a hero-of-sorts. With this adventure, players will drive, hike, and even rappel through the mountains in search of treasures, safety, and hopes of ending the insanity that has ensued between The Golden Way and Pagan Min.


3) Alien: Isolation

After the blundering mess we lived through known as Alien: Colonial Marines, there was no surprise that Sega would once more take a shot at the franchise that became well known thanks to the movies by Ridley Scott and soon became a cult classic and modern fan crazed franchise. This time around it’s a much different experience. With Ellen Ripley’s daughter seeking answers, she is finding herself in a constant struggle where guns, flashlights, and even homemade items are her best chances of survival as the games Xenomorph hunts players down while it learns based upon how they place. Escaping this nightmare will be a true challenge for anyone willing to test their luck.


2) Super Smash Bros. (3DS/Wii U)

Wanting to send your friends into a rampage and take advantage of the new amiibo system that Nintendo has created or simply go online and hammer away at online foes? Super Smash Bros. has returned and seeks to do just that as players are challenged to test their skill against each other. This is one game that has seen drastic changes and even upgrades over time. With the launch of the amiibo’s it’s hard not to see why this title has gotten so much attention and has become a fan favorite.


1) Dragon Age: Inquisition

With Bioware being masters of storytelling and even gameplay mechanics, there is no surprise with the fact that Dragon Age: Inquisition has earned itself as one of our top games of this year. With it being number one, players can only take a bit of advice as we suggest taking an adventure once more with an entire new team that takes place shortly after the events of what happened within Kirkwall. This time, players will be overjoyed to experience the infamous Qunari race while also taking on a new enemy or going online for the first time in the series in order to take on side-missions. With a large world that is vast, open, and almost fully explorable.

Were you able to play any of these? What games made your top ten of 2014? Let us know in the comments here or on our Twitter, Facebook Page or even our Google+.

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