Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires Gets Pre-Order DLC and Cinematic Trailer

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Written by Dustin Murphy


Can’t get enough of raiding other enemies forts and ravaging their forces as you search for glory, loot, and respect among your generals? Koei Tecmo has announced another reason to once more return to the Warriors titles with this updated version that will see new pre-order bonus DLC’s from GameStop and EB Canada when it launches on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on February 24th, 2015.

The DLC included will have three DLC sets:

  • Special Costume Set: Special costumes for Date Mashamune, Guan Yinping, Guo Jia, and Tenko.
  • Edit Armor Set 1: Special Armors for Male Characters
  • Edit Armor Set 2: Special Armors for Female Characters

XunYu_PS4-1 XunYu_PS4-2

Along with this news, Koei Tecmo has also released the Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires opening video, which can be seen below as it demonstrates new characters Xun Yu as well as new weapons. Players will get to witness the new character who is from the Wei Kingdom and favors the weapon known as the “Formation Rod”, which supports his title as a brilliant strategist that gives important advice, which received him the nickname “King’s Gifted Adviser”.

With the new title, players will also get to choose new favored weapons for nine of the games well known characters. Deng Ai will obtain the the “Revolving Crossbow”, which can be used for long and short-ranged attacks and can fire multiple bolts at once. This will make him deadly to enemies whom seek to corner him and think they are capable of taking him out. The game will also see Guan Suo obtaining “Sabatons”, which will allow him to focus on knocking enemies in the air while he sends a few swift kicks to their bodies. Though to counter this we will also see Lianshi get her “Mandarin Duck Hooks” that will set her up for short ranged attacks that follow through with fierce speed. We’ll also see Liu Shan get the “Dragon Column”, which is known for its special attacks as well as its counter attacks. Meng Huo will get “stele”, which forms into a palm tree in order to match with heavy attacks, Sun Quan will get “Flame Blade”, which is a well rounded flaming sword that follows through with fast attack speeds at both a distance and near. Wang Yi will get “Emei Pierces”, which is short in reach, but follows through with devastating multi-attacks.

To follow through players will see Yueying get a “Bladebow” and Xiaoqiao get “paired Fans” in order to create devastating tornadoes across the battlefield. Will you be able to master these powerful new favored weapons as you fight through a campaign that features 83 different and unique characters? Or will you create one of your own that will feature newly implemented customizations to both the character and horse? Not to forget banners and “normal” officers that players will choose from as they trek through China’s vicious and war filled history.

Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires can be purchased on both the Playstation 4 and Xbox One at 49.99 USD while Steam users and PlayStation 3 users can obtain the titile digitally for 49.99 and 39.99 USD respectively. The game has been rated “T” for Teen.

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