Blast Away the Game Review’s Most Anticipated Games of 2015

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Written by Dustin Murphy

Last year we saw a bombardment of upcoming titles, some of them continuations to franchises, and others being entirely new IP’s that we’ll see coming up in the not-so-far future. Among these titles are many that have truly peaked an interest and even grabbed the attention of media outlets, but also the fans alike, which speaks for these games. For this list, we’re taking my most anticipated games for 2015.


10. Evolve

Evolve by Turtle Rock Studios has been a game that has caught the attention of many. The game itself is set to be a 4v1 pvp based title. The game will be pitting a team of 4 players as the hunters versus a player who plays – you guessed it – the monster that the four will be hunting in a tension filled pvp atmosphere. This atmosphere seeks to push players to test their skills in teamwork and their skills with communications. With the hunters getting to choose classe roles such as Support, Medic, Trapper, and even Assault, it will be interesting to see how the game unfolds as player choose to play each of their classes


9. Persona 5

With Atlus being silent about Persona 5 – aside from what we know from the trailers as well as the red and black colour theme they have set forth – we don’t know much of what is going on. Our assumption shows that our main character will be a young man who is struggling or possibly bored with his adventures in life thus far, and seems to be either a college, High School, and or even an employee at an office. The game seems busy when the trailer that was revealed not long ago had shown the protagonist in a rather busy Japanese city, again the setting itself is even unknown, but it seems that maybe the setting as well as the theme will have to do something with the image of the desks with ball and chain hooked to them.

We’ll have to wait and see what Atlus has to say for the game that is slated to release on both PlayStation 3 and Sony’s next generation console only known as the PlayStation 4. It has not been stated if Persona 5 could see itself get another launch for the PlayStation Vita and PlayStation Vita duo. Though if the past releases say anything, things could be looking up, and handheld gamers may just have to wait it out a small bit before a release happens.


8. Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

While not a huge fan of the Uncharted series, it’s hard not to say that the franchise is well written, acted, and rather convincing as a well rounded franchise. With Nathan Drake finally showing up on the PlayStation 4 from the trailer we got to see at E3, it’s only suspecting that we’re going to see him older, in more trouble than ever, and fighting for his life once more. This time it looks as if the franchise could be seeing all loose ends get tied together, and Nathan Drake finally hang up his coat, lay down his pistol, and call his days as a treasure hunter, thief, and adventurer over.

With only what we know from the trailers and what little information leaked, it will be interesting to see how Nathan’s family dynamics work out as his older brother enters the picture and could possibly set up a rather nicely built background behind our charming protagonist.


7. Halo 5: Guardians

Halo has been a series that has always had an intriguing storyline as well as systematic character development. After the events that unfolded within the two intertwined storylines for Halo 4 – Spartan Ops Season 1 and even the main campaign; the game series has shown a bit of a darker side to itself. With the Spartan IV’s becoming a new ordeal, we see an interesting weave of storylines taking place. One specifically being Doctor Katherine Halsey having sided with a renegade group of Covenant, and even a new height to the story behind the Prometheans, the Flood, and anything else that could go horribly wrong.

The question now is? What will happen with the Master Chief, Cortana (is she really gone?), and even the Spartan IV team we saw within Halo 4? We’ll have to wait it out and see where Microsoft goes from here.


6. Street Fighter V

Late 2014, Capcom and Sony announced a magnificent team up that will allow for a molding of the PlayStation 4’s power and the power of PC gamers in order to bring Street Fighter V to move once more towards the edge of PC and Console interactivity. This announcement was a splendor to many when Capcom announced that Street Fighter V and Ultimate Street Fighter IV on next gen consoles, is an exclusive.

With the games having been a fan-favorite world wide, we can only assume that the exclusivity may not be permanent, but instead a timed ordeal. If not, this is one exclusive that could move many fans to either PlayStation 4 or picking it up through Steam. Aside from that announcement, Capcom has been pretty quiet on what will be going on with Street Fighter V and who will be in the roster, but all that can be said is – Prepare to Fight.


5. Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain

Hideo Kojima and the team over Fox Hound Studios are renowned for delivering some of the best stories in the world. Their latest endeavor continues a foray into a world that has become a war machine, one that Big Boss must deter from another devastating attack from various foes, but one in particular – Venom Snake – has set Big Boss in a Hell bent path to avenge the fallen men and women he swore to protect.

With his base now gone, alliances seemingly broken, and Big Boss without his arm, we can only assume that him and Miller will be seeking a war unlike any we’ve seen yet within the games franchise.


4. Xenoblade Chronicles X

The Wii U has been a console that has been plagued by a lack of games. Granted it has had a few in-house solid hits, it’s third party support has been all-but-flourishing. Thanks to their third party developer Monolith Soft, we’re going to see the world of Xenoblade Chronicles once more revisited. This time the game will be backed by the Wii U’s stronger hardware as well as HD output.

Even as a JRPG, it’s no surprise the anticipation for this game has stacked up due to its massive open-world and deep story knocked some contenders such as Batman: Arkham Knight and even Halo 5: Guardians back a few spots on our most anticipated list.


3. Bloodborne

When Demon’s Souls launched on the PS3, it was surprising to see a game that was so hard, so unforgiving, and even damning players the way it did. In turn, a spark was ignited, and players once more wanted to be punished, beat up, and kicked aside like a rag doll only to come back for more. This time; it’s just changing the paint-job and looks to be even more painful. With Hidetaka, Sony, and the team at From Software once more collaborating, we can only say that we’ve been impressed as players have once more felt their breaths taken away by beautiful and compelling gothic settings, but also the dark, dreaded, and demented appearance the game has taken.

We can only say one thing to this – Prepare to Die.


2. The Order: 1886

Whilst the teams over at Microsoft has been working hard with their exclusives such as Halo and Quantum Break; Sony has been rather busy throwing some gas on their own fire just to make it burn brighter, and so far it has been working great. The Order 1886 has revealed itself to be a supernatural thriller. With vampires, werewolves, and we can only guess what else running around London, we can only guess what The Order: 1886 looks like it will have a lot to offer for those who want a mix of supernatural and the once more late 1800’s feel of an alternate time-line based London under their chin.


1. The Legend of Zelda

This was one of the best announcements of 2014. One that sent many fans, writers, and even gaming new-comers into a rally. While Nintendo and designer Eiji Aonuma have remained silent, it seems that a lot of the games base idea has been released in regards to game play. Seeming that the game will once more return us into a rather large open world, which seems much larger than past titles, the game is beautiful, with rather lively and lush environments. We can only say this towards Nintendo – we want more.

Did any of these games make your top 10 list for this year? If not, let us know what your list is like! We’re always excited to see what others are highly anticipating and our team, without a doubt, wants to hear about it – so let us know in the comments here on our website, our community pages, or even on our twitter!

About the Writer:

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