Tripwire Interactive to Gore Out the PlayStation 4 with Killing Floor 2

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Written by Dustin Murphy


Announced today, Tripwire Interactive is bringing it’s Cooperative Sci-Fi Horror FPS gorefest Killing Floor 2 to the PlayStation 4, which will be the games first major console debut for a Tripwire title that we have seen as of today. With the success and demand of the game, players are going to get to take on the Zed horde, which was unleashed back in 2009 on PC. The sequel will leave players to survive, hide, and go through the fallout of a corporate experiment session gone completely wrong, and well – play clean-up or rather decorate the halls with blood and viscera. The game will introduce players to its gameplay with extremely deadly weapons ranging from shotguns to even the legendary Katana. In co-cop players will be able to take to these weapons to heighten their chances for survival, but even then; only the strong will survive and those who work together will have a chance to make it out alive each of the games brutal enemies that await behind every door. When playing, players will be introduced to the M.E.A.T. system, which is what will be delivering the Killing Floor 2 experience when it launches on a PlayStation 4 near you.

KF2 12.6.14_12

As a fiercely independent developer we have always wanted to ensure that when we made the leap to consoles it would be on our terms,” said John Gibson, Tripwire Interactive President. “We’ve been extremely impressed with Sony’s openness and fairness when dealing with developers both large and small. We are ecstatic to announce that we’re making a Fleshpound sized leap to console gaming by bringing KILLING FLOOR 2 to the PlayStation 4.

This reveal took place during the live keynote during the PlayStation Experience this weekend. Las Vegas crowds grew excited as the critically acclaimed title promises to deliver the same experience as its PC counterpart will. Utilizing the PlayStation 4’s hardware, the game will deliver the same experience, graphics, and even gameplay as one would hope from such a game that has taken fans by storm on PC.

We’ve learned that the game will take place just a month after the original titles conclusion and will introduce players to a setting that takes place within Europe during the height of the outbreak caused by Horzine Biotech’s failed experiment that has taken the world by storm with an unrelenting moment, and has left much of the European union crippled. With humanity in disarray and chaos, military forces have been eradicated, governments have toppled, and now European’s are fighting for survival and self-preservation have managed to stay alive by hiding. This is where players will take place as a group of civilians and mercenaries that seek to wipe out the infection and track down each of the outbreaks while exterminating the enemy threat. Unlike past Zed’s, these are fast, aggressive and do not care if you are enemy or not; they just want you dead. That will be much of this games premise as it seeks to take out groups of players one at a time, possibly focusing on the teams weakest link before moving on.

KF2 12_6_14_8

When exploring this games world, players can expect to see visceral gore by using the games high powered blood system that keeps the blood flowing, and the body parts flying in a six player co-op element or by taking on the hordes in single player. This will be accompanied by the game having multiple playable characters to choose from and allowing for players to experience a game where the Zed A.I. has been smartened, but also works against the players. Though players are not alone as they will be using  improvised weapons, military based assault rifles, “Mad Scientist” based weapons, and even classic style historical guns, which are all accompanied by the games new perk system for players to make talent choices that will reflect their play styles.

KF2 12_6_14_6

The game is slated to release on PlayStation 4, PC, and SteamOS in 2015. For more information regarding Killing Floor 2 and Tripwire Interactive, please head over to their website and or Facebook for more official and exclusive information. For Killing Floor 2 news head on over to You can also keep track of Tripwire Interactive at any of these online channels:, on Facebook at, Twitter at

We have reached out in order to find out if the game will be receiving a physical release on the PlayStation 4 or if players will need to expect a fairly good size download. Stay tuned as we await a response.

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