Preparing for the Holidays With the B.A.T.G.R 2014 Guide!

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Written by Dustin Murphy and Devon Day

There is no doubt that holiday shopping can be extremely crazy and the rush to get those most precious and final pieces of gifting is done. With units such as the Wii U, Nintendo 2DS/3DS, PlayStation Vita, PlayStation 4, and XBox One being focal points of the holiday, it’s hard not to want to lean towards the most common pieces of gaming hardware of the season, so it’s hard to be unique and find the truly challenging gift for your gamers and or nerds alike and we seek to help you fulfill that wish.

With our guide for the holiday season, we’ve decided to break into some of the more unique things that can tie into gaming, hardware, and or increasing the experience that some may or may not know as they once had. So why not get your gamer some unique ‘swag’ that will help decorate their gaming cave and give them that bit of flare they may not have quite yet.

Gift Idea 1 – Loot Crate Subscription(s)!

142038-sample-crate-203dc9-original-1411064945 142037-sample-crate-boxes-c72961-original-1411064943

First up is something that we know is unique, something that would help please any gamer within the house, and will surely give them the collectibles they will need. This unique ordeal is a little place called Loot Crate. Loot Crates collectible items can include Funko Pops! Figurines, collectible action figures, posters, and or even other awesome collectible items while also getting people a chance to win a “Mega Crate”, which is just slammed full of awesome little goodies. These little awesome things run for an average of 13.37 USD per month with a 6 USD shipping and handling fee, three months for 12.37 per month (saving a dollar per month) or six months at 11.67 per month. This is something we can truly save will make any gamer or nerd in the house a happy camper.

Gift Idea 2 – Nerd Block!


Much like Loot Crate –  Nerd Block is right up the same alley, but offering a bit of a differentiated twist on gaming, nerdiness, and even kids that are a bit of both. Nerd Block offers a unique variety of collectables, an assured shirt, and other random goodies that are bound to leave any nerd and or nerd jr. Much like Loot Crate they even offer a unique chance to give players a go with a unique chance to win that months Beast Block if they have one going.

Let alone do they feed the Gamer in the family with the Retro Block, but they seem to even have fun with other genres such as Nerd Block Jr., Nerd Block, and much much more, which makes this all the more entertaining as a ordering service in general.

Gift Idea 3 – Nintendo amiibo


When it comes to immersive gaming, Nintendo has decided to jump into this category and not leave it be. This is something that was unique and even more-so interactive thanks to the growing interest in both the Nintendo 3DS, Wii U, and the recently announced New Nintendo 3DS. These little figures, which can be obtained at online and local retailers, have created these figurines that use the NFC (Near Field Communication) feature of both the Wii U as well as the  New Nintendo 3DS and allow for a rather unique experience when possible. They will be influencing many of the upcoming Nintendo games with added features to each of the games based upon their functions for them. You can read more on the Official Nintendo amiibo page. These guys will run you an average of 12.99 each at most retailers. They can be expected to be hard to find during this holiday season.

Gift Idea 3 – PlayStation Plus and XBox Live Memberships

PlayStation_Plus_Sub XBox_Live_3Month_Sub

With the PlayStation 4 and XBox One consoles having become so highly in demand, the need for subscriptions is undoubtedly present as gamers will want to play their games online this holiday season. With PlayStation Plus you are guaranteeing your family or friend gamer(s) a chance to experience multiple free games per month and a chance at some awesome discount on their digital titles. You can expect this subscription set to run you around 49.99 USD for one year or 17.99 for three months, which will help sate their online gaming needs. This subscription is possibly one of the best we’ve seen since it goes across the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, and even PlayStation vita.

The XBox Live service has become much of the same type of service as of late thanks to their new promotion called “Games with Gold”, which allows gamers to get free games across both XBox Live on XBox One and XBox 360 platforms. This itself does have bonus features that can be earned by members through such things as XBox Live Rewards and Bing Rewards.

Gift Idea 4 – HyperX Cloud Gaming Headset

HyperX Cloud Headset

Easily one of the biggest surprises this year for all of gaming accessories, HyperX by Kingston Technology has really turned it up with their premium offering. Boasting 53mm speakers in each ear cup, a detachable microphone for on the listening, paired up with compatibility for the PS4, Xbox One (Chat Cable needed), and PC, this $59.99 can opener should be on many gamers or multimedia enthusiast’s list. An absolute steal for the holiday.

 – Gift Idea 5 – SquidGrip 


You need to complete that objective using finite precision, or get that kill to secure your team the victory….., and your hands slip. How many times has that happened to you? For me, far too many. Luckily for us, the folks over at SquidLab have relieved us of our slippery controllers with SquidGrip; a $14.99 accessory that will allow you to keep your hands on the sticks when it matters most. Kiss those slipping accidents goodbye, and say hello towards more consistency.

– Gift Idea 6 – Avenger Reflex

Avenger_Grip_XBox Avenger_Grip_PS3

In those tense moments, crucial situations, and clutch moments, your skill still is your best tool. However, not having the right reflexes or reaction speeds are going to more than likely be your downfall. So, what are the options? If you want to play high stakes without letting your teammates down, N-Controls Avenger Reflex is your best friend. Alleviating those reaction woes can mean more wins for the team. $69.99 is a lot to spend on one thing, but if you do have the money to and are craving a competitive edge, you’d be hard pressed to find a gadget that has the capability to increase your skills when you need them to.

– Gift Idea 7 – PlayStation Store Credit, Nintendo eShop, Steam Store, and XBox Live Credit

PlayStation_Plus_Store XBox_Marketplace_25USD

Gaming can indeed be a costly thing, but the nice thing is? That’s where digital sometimes becomes the best way, but so does add-on content for games, digital only games, and even movies or music. This is where credit for PlayStation Store, Steam Store, XBox Live, and even other in-game services can become usable and even discounted at times. This si something that’s fun, easy, and quite easy to do to keep your gamers happy and or at ease with a nifty little surprise for their gaming needs and habits.

With all these ideas we’ve provided, it’s hard not to say that the Holiday Season shouldn’t be a tad easier as most of these can be ordered right from your computer and delivered straight to your house. If there are things you feel we missed, please let us know.

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