Prepare for War with Attila the Hun with Total War: ATTILA in 2015

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Written by Dustin Murphy


Known as one of the most fierce warriors in history, Attila the Hun seeks to bring in his unique battles onto PC on February 17th of 2015. Known for the strategy game antics, Total War leaves nothing to imagination when it comes to history. For those who want a unique take on the history of the world, Total War is a proper place to go to see what old world skirmishes would be like.

For those seeking to obtain the game through a pre-order can head over to the Sega Store and catch up on a special Pre-Order Bonus; The Viking Forefathers Culture Pack, which will be adding three additional playable factions to the game. You may recognize the names such as The Danes, The Jutes, and even The Geats.

These characters will be among the first of the DLC packs available once the game launches and will allow players to experience combat with the Norse factions. Allowing this to happen will put them among some of the most vicious warriors at the time, which means that players will get to experience Norse battlefields unique to this DLC, but also naval units, missions, cultural and factional traits that will carry on through the game. Will you have what it takes to master the battlefields as they seek to move southwards from the lands of ice in order to raid, pillage, and conquer?

For those who do not pre-order, the DLC will be available as a separate purchase starting February 17th, 2015 for £5.99, €7.49, and $7.99 respectively. Meanwhile, the game will also be getting a bit of a special addition that will leave some players wanting more as the game becomes available.

So what does this Special Edition contain? Physically, which will be available exclusively to North America will contain an Attila the Hun Biography, which is written by Nic Fields and published by Osprey Publishing, which is known for their military history and specialization in such fields. The biography will be based upon some of the fields newest research and theories based around Attila’s military and tactical prowess. The biography will also depict maps of the time period, details of the life as a Hun, commissioned artwork, but also the deeds based around one of the most infamous warlords of history. The edition will also come with a reference guide poster for the campaign as well as the previously mentioned DLC pack for the Vikings.

Will you have what it takes to conquer in 395AD where famine, disease, climate change, and an never-ending phase of War sets in across Europe in the middle ages? Find out on February 17th of 2015. Meanwhile, players can also visit the official Total War website for more information over at

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