Criminal Girls: Invite Only Allows Allows Fight to Escape Hell

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Written by Dustin Murphy


Want a reason to host a part that could raise Hell and allow you to rescue seven delinquent girls, who know seven sins, and well only one way out of Hell? This is the theme that Criminal Girls: Invite Only wants you to experience when it launches next February 3rd, 2015 for North America and on the 6th of February, 2015 for Europe. The game will be getting both a physical and digital release exclusively on the PlayStation Vita. The game was initially released on the PlayStation Portable in 2010 in Japan only. This new version is a remastering of the original, which will host a new set of content that has been developed exclusively for the PlayStation Vita. Don’t have a Vita and only a PlayStation TV? Not a problem, the title will launch as a PlayStation TV compatible title when it launches next year.

What’s the exact point of the game? As stated before, players will take a job, which will send them into Hell to save seven delinquents, whom have undoubtedly committed one of the seven deadly sins, and has set you forth to drag their eternally damned souls from Hell. While entrusting these girls in your car, your hirer has given you a chance to listen to these girls who each have a mind of their own – beware, this means that you’ll want to listen to their wants, their needs, and their desires as you take a path of your own to victory in this ever-evolving game of skill, spells, and combat attacks that these devilish ladies want to use.

Though that is not all for this game of Hell and damnation. Instead, players will do what it takes to get through the game by connecting with the girls. This means players will need to use the games front and back touch pads in order to to bring these devilish ladies into the spotlight. These ladies will also hoping for players to fulfill their special requests, which will unlock their history, but also something maybe even suspected to some.

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