TERA Online Gets First Expansion Soon and Limited Time In-Game Bonus

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Written by Dustin Murphy


As an action MMORPG on PC, it is no surprise that it has been successful thanks to its fast paced combat, which puts it at a higher pace than most of the MMO’s that have become as well known as Guild Wars 2 and even World of Warcraft. As of this week, the player driven publisher En Masse Entertainment, has announced that TERA will be getting it’s first expansion called Tera: Fate of Arun this winter. The expansion will be delivered as a free update through TERA Online’s Official Website and Steam.

This first expansion will be allowing players to access the games new continent of Northern Arun, a new enemy threat known as the Archdevan Imperial Army, a level cap increase to level 65, but also new skills as well as new gameplay mechanics as well as crafting improvements for the crafting system. More of these can be located at the newly launched website over at Fate of Arun, and see an in-depth trailer that will show players what is coming soon.


The expansion will also feature a more simplified enchanting system, but also the ability to fuse unused crystals to create new and more powerful ones. For those who want to take on the games new storyline can enjoy a new quest interface that will streamline the questing from 60-65 that will allow players to teleport to teleport right to their quest zones, find groups to join, or just simply turn in their quests from where they finished them.

To welcome players to the new expansion, En Masse Entertainment also invites players to receive a limited time Northern Initiative Pack for Free. This bonus will allow players to receive new rare potions, stamina restoring campfires, charms, Fate, and an exclusive HP-restoring white tiger mount. How long do you have to claim this pack? Till the expansion launches on December 16th, 2014. So hurry up, login, and prepare for an entire new experience coming soon!

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