Omega Quintet Announced by Idea Factory International

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Written by Dustin Murphy


As of today, we can start preparing to practice our songs, routines, and even our ideas of what friendship bonds will mean. Idea Factory International has announced they are bringing their RPG and idol simulation hybrid is on its way to North America and Europe next year. The title will be releasing exclusively to the PlayStation 4 title is set to release next spring. The title will be featuring a few things that will make fans prepare to pre-order the game both physically or digitally through select retailers and PlayStation Network.


Players should prepare to enjoy the world of Omega Quintet in both the original Japanese voice cast with English subtitles or both English voice over and English subtitles. In the newest release by Idea Factory International, players will get to see a world that has been dragged into darkness by a mysterious and malevolent force. In this game, players will get to take over the role as an idol group known as “Verse Maidens”. In this game, players will take these girls on the road with their manager Takt. The manager will allow them to give off the performance of their lives in order to stop the darkness and protect the last bit of humanity left. Meanwhile? These girls will be using the weapons of sound to protect the world!

The question is surely to be – how will the power of music stop the darkness? By using them to give the performance of their lives of course! This can be done through the games “Concert Mode”, which will allow for boosts to music, and grant the capability to use special skills by loading up the “Voltage Gauge”. Players will also get to enjoy several things such as character customization, which allows for players to choose outfits, accessories, hair, and much, much more. Though players should note; your customizations will take damage through the new “Costume Break” feature. Remember that when those costumes break? Those garters won’t keep your women safe.


Lethal harmonies are there to help produce a lethal combination through harmonies using the games “Harmonics” feature where player will serenade their enemies right to their own funeral. With players serenading enemies to death, there is no doubt that players will also get to chain their beautiful singers attacks into a uniquely weaved symphony of pain. Will those enemies crying in agony be enough to serenade you into a world of enjoyment?

Let alone will you get to do all the features mentioned, players will also get to take to the use of their PlayStation 4 Camera, which will allow players to join the dance themselves as well as using the PlayStation Move controller to add on special effects into their performance!

Will you help save the world as a dancing sensation? Find out in Spring of 2015 on a console near you.

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