Soaring High for Sales and a World Record, Ubisoft Climbs High for FarCry 4!

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Written by Devon Day
Quest For Everest Map
“Records are meant to be broken,” such is the saying of so many who have dared to reach the pinnacle and achieve what is thought to be impossible. For Ubisoft, FarCry 4 dared to go where few have been; the Everest Himalayas, to achieve a World Record for a game played at the highest altitude. Some say this is pointless, but for William Cruz; a 23 year old recipient of playing the game before its release, would say otherwise.
Ubisoft’s Quest for Everest: The Gaming Journey of a Lifetime was a contest took place this summer and was to find ou the premier fan of the FarCry series. William, who happened to be such the fan, was tasked to play a 79 minute session at an elevation of 18,569 feet, or 5,660 meters. Not only that, William was tasked with dealing with temperatures in the low twenties; the lowest being 17 degrees. Do not worry though, as 15 members of Ubisoft’s staff went with him for safety and further credentials for the record books. With much f the scrutiny that Ubisoft has received with its handling of Assassin’s Creed Unity, it is great to see the European powerhouse achieving such a feat in the midst of the holiday rush.
What are your thoughts on this record breaker? Have you or do you want to break a record? What are your thoughts on how might FarCry 4 turn out? Please leave your comments below! As always, on behalf o all the B.A.T.G.R Staff, thank you for reading! Until next time, this is Devon Day…. Checking out.
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