New Details and Screenshots for Tales of Hearts R Released

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Written by Dustin Murphy


With Tales of Hearts quickly preparing for its first release in North America since its 2008 release in Japan on Nintendo DS; Bandai Namco has finally prepared for it to head west with the latest batch of screenshots prior to its release next week on PlayStation Vita. As of today, Bandai Namco Games America Inc. has pulled out their big guns and decided to show off the zone the Spiria Nexus. Spiria is an essence that will be playing a rather large role within Tales of Hearts R. With this place, the essence that controls and orchestrates a persons soul will get to experience a new epidemic that spreads called Despir. It has affected entire towns, causing those to fall victim to the new infestations, and unfortunately it is up to Kor to purify the Spiria Core while a Somatic such as Kor himself explore the world in order to save it.

Tales_of_Hearts_R_Despir02 Tales_of_Hearts_R_Xerom03

Kor, our hero within this title, will look to restore balance, save the world, all the while using a Spirit Link to enter the Spiria Nexus. These Spiria Nexus’ are mazes made out of a character’s Spiria, this will be appearing as a rather beautiful and eerie zone that is beautifully crafted for a unique experience. Though within these “Nexus”, players are not safe, they instead will battle fierce enemies or bosses known as Xerom, which are the cause for the Spiria-devouring infestations. Will you have what it takes to help Kor and his team to save the world within Tales of Hearts R when it launches on November 11th, 2014 for North America and November 14th, 2014 for Europe? Find out on a PlaPlayStation Vita near you.

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