Prepare for your Empire with Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires

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Written by Dustin Murphy


Prepare to defend and attack enemy territories on January 27th, 2014. As of this week, KOEI TECMO has announced that Dynasty Warriors 8 Empires is almost ready for it’s 2015 launch date. The title will release on PlayStation 4 and XBox One physically on that date. Following it on that day will be the digital versions, both of which will launch digitally through Steam and the PlayStation Store via the PlayStation Network. In turn, KOEI TECMO has also announced the games freshly launched website that you can visit in order to find more information in regards to the title, which can be visited here:

The title will feature a more in depth character customization of the warriors, horses, armies, and even the character creation for an original character of your choosing. The title will be focusing upon the lives of the warriors as they campaign across China in order to seek their claiming to expand their territories. Players will be able to choose from the games tremendous 83 character roster and that’s not including personally made and chosen characters. With many of these new features, players will also get to see their editing of new visual changes for horses with the new customization features, as well as the choosing of banners and the games ‘normal’ officers.

Much like before, players will get to adventure through the vast lands of Ancient China. This includes seeing bleak wastelands, narrow ravines, beautiful yet large castles, and even the plains that fill the lands. All the while siding with the egologistical Lu Bu, the honour bound Cao Cao and more while you claim lands for your own.

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