The Evil Within Seeks to Scare Players Starting Today

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Written by Dustin Murphy


 As of today Shinji Mikami and his team at Tango Gameworks have released their new masterpiece; The Evil Within. The release of the title has been one that has gripped fans, scared them, and even lead some to craving the world that awaits them. The title seeks to gri players in horrific ways that were never seen before. Newly released on the XBox One, XBox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and Windows PC; The Evil Within has finally hit store shelves as of today.

The games world seeks to horrify and challenge players through the games uniquely crafted environments that will seem claustrophobic and gut wrenching due to the enemies that await within it. Players will fight to survive with limited resources at their disposal, which means all fights may or may not seem proper for that occasion. Below, Shinji himself even states why that is:


 “It was incredibly important to me and the team to bring the Survival Horror genre back to its roots. For us, it was all about creating fear and giving the player the enjoyment of conquering it,” said Mikami. “Up until now we’ve kept a lot of the game under wraps to avoid spoilers, so it’s very exciting that people are now able to experience the game from beginning to end.”

Will you have what it takes to help the Detective Sebastian Castellanos and his partners solve the grisly events that are about to unfold within this dark, gruesome, and tormented filled world? The Evil Within can be found online for 59.99 USD through Steam for Windows PC, PlayStation Store for the PlayStation users, and the XBox Live Marketplace for XBox Consoles.

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