Persona 4 Arena Ultimax Gets the Sho’ Started Now!

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Written by Dustin Murphy

Marie Intros

Ever wondered what happened after the events of the Kirijo group meeting up with The Investigation Team? Well for those who managed to beat down the story, discover the secrets of Miss President, and even beating their ‘friends’ senseless, we were given an amazing story that followed so tightly between the events of Persona 3 FES and Persona 4’s timeline, and it has been continued as of now. As of September 30th, Persona 4 Arena Ultimax has launched, and in turn is about to prepare players for something unforeseen before; the P-1 Grand Prix is back and has been renamed as the P-1 Climax. As of yesterday, players can also take their time to enjoy a free download period for DLC characters Adachi and Marie.

Developed by ATLUS and Arc System Works, players are able to experience this title on both the XBox 360 and the PlayStation 3. In this newest entry, we learn that players will get to take on a brand new and seemingly more mentally demented and twisted storyline than before. In the the continuation where Persona 4 Arena left off, players will once more get to visit the storyline of both Persona 3 and Persona 4’s teams. This time they however, will be preparing for the Sho’ by putting on their sneakers, capes, and glasses, and then duking it out across your T.V. screen once more. However, this is with a new twist as several new fighters enter the cast in order to take out the new mastermind for whoever it may be. Who are these fighters? Junpei Iori, Yukari Takeba, Rise Kujikawa, and more. Though we also get to see the first new glimpse of our latest entrant; the dual katana wielding and rather large threat, Sho Minazuki. The worst part of this? Sho has an impostor that can wield a Persona.

Marie Dialogues

For those that are more of the BlazBlue-esque fan, ATLUS and Arc System Works have included an Arcade Mode, Attack Mode, Golden Arena Mode, which also lets players earn experience and customize each character with unique skills. Think that’s all? Yu can always take on the always amusing and fun multiplayer mode to take on other online or even offline for that matter. Doing so will allow player to show off their skills, but also experience an all new way to have fun with this insanely entertaining series!

Aigis Animation

So that’s not a bearable amount of content to you? Well we know something that is! Until October 7th, owners of Persona 4 Arena Ultimax can get their hands on Adachi and Marie free! Oh and their DLC will feature additional story portion for Adachi called “Episode: Adachi”. Within these DLC’s the third playable DLC: Margaret; will be available for 4.99 USD beginning on October 7th, when Adachi and Marie revert to the same price. The original story of Persona 4 Arena is available for $9.99, along with a boatload of amazingly fun customization packs: Navigator voices, glasses packs, and character colors.

Official Information from our friends over at ATLUS:

Reminder: any customization DLC that players purchased for the original Persona 4 Arena will automatically be unlocked for P4AU. Please visit for full details about downloadable content.

P4AU is available now for $59.99, and every pre-order and launch copy will include the inflatable Teddie Bop Bag and Set #1 of the Persona Tarot Cards while supplies last. (Set #2 is included in the upcoming title, Persona Q). Launch details, tutorial videos and more are available on the official website,

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