Watch_Dogs Bad Blood DC Out Now

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Written by Dustin Murphy


 As of today, Season Pass holders for Ubisoft’s Watch_Dogs are now able to download the new Bad Blood DLC, which lets them take up the role as Raymond ‘T-Bone’ Kenney. This will let them see inside the mind of a very talented, craft, and brilliant hacker who seems just a bit off his rocking chair. The story will take place where he is planting a false trail at Blume and is on the receiving end of a phone call where he finds out his former colleague at Blume, Tobias Frewer, is in danger and needs T-Bones help. The problem? The stories aren’t adding up, which puts T-Bone himself in possible danger.

This DLC will also grant those who have the season pass or have purchased the DLC access to new contracts called Street Sweep contracts. They will also be able to take on the new dynamic system of side missions which add countless hours of content for players to take on. These new missions can be taken on through co-op with friends or even public sessions, which allows two players to take on, hack, and ultimately bring down criminal groups. For those wondering, the online Hacking and Tailing modes, CToS mobile companion app are fully integrated into this new system for Bad Blood. Players in addition will also get to control T-Bones newest device: Eugene. This new addition is a remote-control car, which has its own set of both offensive and defensive perks and can be upgraded over time.


For those of you wanting access to future content check out the official information from Ubisoft Below:

Players looking for immediate access to Watch_Dogs Bad Blood, as well as the Access Granted Pack and Conspiracy! Digital Trip can still purchase the Season Pass. For more information on Watch_Dogs Bad Blood and the Season Pass, please visit

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