KOEI TECMO Releases Information from their TGS Line-Up

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 For those unfamiliar, there’s always something awesome about the Tokyo Game Show. We learn about extremely amazing and highly anticipated titles that are going to be slowly coming across the pond later down the road. Many of these titles have captured the attention of a lot of people. One of these in particular is TOUKIDEN KUWAMI, which is a predecessor to the smash hit TOUKIDEN: The Age of Demons.

With many of these titles finding their way out the door in Japan in the near future. As the days move on, we hope to hear more about these since a lot of the information we’ve been given is related to the Japan releases and does not reflect a North America or Europe set of release dates. Below we’ve supplied the official information presented to us by KOEI TECMO America and can only wait to see what happens regarding these titles.


 08_BLADESTORM Nightmare_Nightmare hen

BLADESTORM: Nightmare (working title)
Developer: Omega Force
Platforms: PlayStation®4, Xbox One, PlayStation®3
Genre: Troop Command Action/ Strategy
Players: 1
Launch: Q1 2015
BLADESTORM: Nightmare (working title) follows Bladestorm: the Hundred Years War, which was released in 2007 on PS3 and X360. It is a strategy game at its core, focusing around the historical events that transpired in Europe of the middle-ages. The player assumes the role of a mercenary and chooses to fight either for England or for France in various battles of the 100 year’s war.

 DEAD OR ALIVE 5 Last Round (DEMO)_20140917200435

DEAD OR ALIVE 5 Last Round
Developer: Team NINJA
Publisher: Koei Tecmo America and Koei Tecmo Europe
Platforms: PlayStation®4, Xbox One, PlayStation®3 (digital), Xbox 360 (digital)
Genre: Action
Players: Offline: 1-4, Online: 2-16
Launch: Spring 2015
DEAD OR ALIVE 5 Last Round marks the last instalment of DOA5, and the debut of the series on the PS4 and Xbox One platforms. While the core modes remain the same, this game will render in High Def (1080p/60fps) and will feature new additional content.

 DynastyWarriors8 Empires JUNKU

Developer: Omega Force
Platforms: PlayStation®4, Xbox One, PlayStation®3
Genre: Tactical Action
Players: 1- 2
Launch: Q1 2015
Fan-favorite ‘Empires’ series returns with DYNASTY WARRIORS 8 Empires in 2015. While more information about this title is yet to be announced, ‘Empires’ will take the focus away from the historical figures that roamed the battlefields of the Three Kingdoms of China, and emphasise more on player-created characters and strategic gameplay.


Developer: Omega Force
Platforms: PlayStation®Vita
Genre: Action Role-Playing Game
Players: 1
Launch: August 28, 2014 (date reflects Japan only)
Introducing more Slayers, Oni, storylines, and chapters TOUKIDEN KIWAMI will be a robust expansion of the largely successful Toukiden: The Age of Demons which was released February 2014 for the Playstation®Vita.

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