Final Fantasy XIII Trilogy Headed to PC

Originally Published on Blast Away the Game Review on Facebook
Written by Dustin Murphy


 Once upon a time, there was a rather intriguing release that found its way onto the PlayStation 3 back in December of 2010. The story that unraveled revealed that in ways, our fate is not our own, but a select few can try and defy that fate and save all of humanity. With this story, we got to see the truths of love, friendship, fear, excitement, and determination. We also got to meet a unique and exciting cast that spanned over three almost four years. Square Enix has announced that Final Fantasy XIII will be released as a trilogy on PC via the Steam Store (

In the purchasing of this title, buyers will be able to purchase the series for 15.99 USD. For those interested in pre-ordering it an experiencing Lightning, Snow, and Vanille’s story as it unfold, they can get 10% for the steam store version. This will also offer a Final Fantasy XIII trilogy set of Steam Trading Cards that will be available for players to collect and exchange. Final Fantasy XIII itself will be available starting on October 9th, the following two will release by next spring for PC purchasers.

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