Gather your friends!! Zombie Monsters Robots invades Steam!!

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Zombies. Zombies, zombies, zombies… they really are the pests of video gaming aren’t they. Terrorizing your mind, attempting to chase you to your doom, and wanting to eat your very flesh… just typical. For those of you zombie hunters out there, Zombie Monster Robots, made by En Masse Entertainment will now come to Steam services soon. ZMR Producer Matt Denomme is definitely feeling the surge of growing players. “The response from players during our Open Beta has been fantastic. We’re excited to introduce ZMR to a wider audience with today’s Steam launch but want to make it clear that this is still just the beginning. We’ve been delivering on our promise of monstrous content updates and have tons more in store for players.”


Regarding this game, it is actually quite popular, with over 75 million active players. Such a player count is definitely successful. Essentially, the game revolves around inter-dimensional portals, freeing various malicious creatures; all wanting to crush you. Thankfully, with co-op, customizable weapons and gear, along with some strategy, you will be able to win over various gameplay modes, such as Mercs vs. Monsters, Mummy See Mummy Doom, but with some finesse and some skill. Don’t worry if you think this will be the same experience, as En Masse has promised regular updates and contain events, so the experience is different than before.


Well, fellow readers, a third-person shooter that lets you rip apart your enemies with friends, but with unique twists to the zombie killing gaming scene. What do you think about games revolving around slaying the undead? What is your favorite game regarding zombies. Please comment your thoughts and feelings below!!

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  1. Would like to let you know that we will be launching a new and much updated ZMR. The game has been renamed as M.A.R.S. with loads with new maps, game modes, streamlined UIs, new storyline, voiceover, english localization etc….So much new content and changes that it is essentially a new game. The game has not launched yet, but you are more than welcome to join the community now should you be interested.

    The details are as follows:
    Official Site:

    Also, feel free to let you any of your friends that might be interested know about it!

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