The MMO Corner – TERA: Rising Parodies Kickstarter

Originally Published on the Official Blast Away the Game Review Facebook Page
Written by Dustin Murphy

BAM Info

Every company tends to have fun in one way or another. En Masse Entertainment has done this by making a parody page that puns heavily on Kickstarter. With this pun, players are not being asked to donate money; instead they are being asked to donate to the ‘BAM Killer Project’, which stands for “Big Ass Monsters”. In doing this, players get to go through as a community and work on killing the BAM threat and obtaining in-game rewards while doing so. Want to have more fun? Check out the link below for the official event that will be running as a 21-day event. Enjoy and we would love to see your screenshots or hear your feedback regarding this event!

The Official En Masse Entertainment BAM Killer Project Page:

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