Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragments Set to Release Next Week

Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragments Set to Release Next Week!
Originally Published on the Official Blast Away the Game Review Facebook Page
Written by Josh Turner 

 Words cannot begin to express the level of excitement and hype I have for this game. You can ask any of my co-workers that have had the unfortunate experience of interacting with me the past few weeks.  All I talk about is SAO! SAO is an acronym for Sword Art Online, and unless you don’t follow anime or manga, you should have already known this. The series centers on an idea we have all toyed with at one time or another; what if we could play our video games from the inside? What if you and I WERE our characters, living out our actions and mistakes? Simple enough concepts, but it goes so much further from there.

During the launch of the game, players quickly find themselves locked in the game, unable to log off. It seems the creator of the game purposely locked the players within the world and has made it where if they die in the game. Their VR Nervegear will send out a high powered electrical shock frying their brains and ending their lives. The story follows Kirito, a young boy who has been playing this game since its beta phase, giving him a leg up on the competition, quickly earning him the title of a “Beater” (A Beta tester who withholds useful information for his own gain) among other players. Kirito has one simple goal, beat the game by clearing all 100 floors and save as many lives as he possibly can.

The reason I went into such detail around the story is this game and the show are one in the same. From all the pictures and early release data that have been gathered, you’ll be playing through Arc 1 and possibly Arc 2 (think seasons 1 and 2). Also worth noting is the inclusion of the original PSP Japan-only released SAO: Infinity Moment, which is getting a full graphical face lift for its re-release.

Even though this game is built off of an MMO’s premise, this is primarily a single player journey. However, there is local AD-HOC Multiplayer for up to four other players. Don’t fret, even though this is a single-player game set in a MMO’s universe, the developers have set out to make sure that all NPC’s interact and react as if they were living breathing players as well. 

You’ll also be able to interact with key plot characters throughout the game like Asuna, Leafa, and many more in and outside of combat. Battles in this game are meant to be as fast paced and high octane as their show counterparts. Players will have to master systems like Switch, Bursts, and Sword Skills in hopes of conquering all 100 floors and returning home safely!

Look for Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragments to be released this coming Tuesday on the PS Vita’s digital marketplace!

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