Kingdoms of Anteria Revealed

The Settlers – Kingdoms of Anteria Gameplay Revealed

Originally Published on the Official Blast Away the Game Review Facebook Page

Written by Kennard Daniel Prim

Ubisoft and Blue Byte have revealed gameplay for the newest entry in the Settlers series, The Settlers – Kingdoms of Anteria. The game will feature a combination of city building and real-time action strategy. Players must progressively increase the scale of their production chains, growing their economy, and allowing them to obtain new upgrades for their kingdom. Among the benefits from growing your economy, comes the addition of new sectors and expanding your kingdom to levels not seen in previous entries. Players will additionally be able to face off against various enemies and bosses in a bid for resources and special items as they level up.

Players are able to choose the class and skill set that best matches their play style the best, and teaming up with others is also an option in this entry. Join up to three friends to venture into the unspoiled wilds of Anteria. Trade resources or visit the kingdoms of your friends to expand your supply chain and economy

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