Subject 13 kickstarted

Subject 13 Kickstarter Goal Reached
Originally Published on the Official Blast Away the Game Review Facebook Page
Written by Kennard Daniel Prim

Subject 13, a game being funded through kickstarter, has reached its basic goal amount of $40,000. The game will be made for Windows, Mac, mobile platforms, and also Linux. Subject 13, is an adventure game focusing strongly on logical thinking to solve complex puzzles. It is being made by indie publisher and developer Microïds.

Since Subject 13 has been successfully funded, the stretch goal phase has started for Oculus Rift support, it will cost an extra $20,000. However, this kickstarter is ending on August 8th, so donate quickly.

There are currently videos and images showing an unfinished version of the game that can be viewed on the kickstarter page. Players assume the role of Franklin Fargo, a professor who has secluded himself from society following the death of his fiancée. One morning he awakes to find himself imprisoned in an underground facility. His only external contact, a voice calling him Subject 13.

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